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“…a blockbuster…”— says Richard Huff, New York Daily News

“enough to make me never stop crying” -- Linda Stasi of the New York Post

"-- isn't just heartening, it's exhilarating." - John Griffiths of US Magazine

Aaron Barnhart's podcast calls Boston Med "the BEST medical drama there is" and writes a Kansas City Star review here.

"'Boston Med' delivers real, wrenching stories..." - Orlando Sentinel

Joanne Ostrow of the Denver Post says "it's moving...leaves us wanting more."

"essential viewing..." — Roger Catlin, Hartford Courant

"no finer TV to be found" -- Tom Jicha, Sun Sentinel

“a memorable cast of characters” -- Verne Gay, Newsday

The Hollywood Reporter says "a beautiful collage of...medical miracles and human foibles.”

"...the single must-see broadcast-TV show of the summer.” - The Philadelphia Inquirer

Boston Med is "intelligent, emotionally resonant television." - The New York Times


Episode 1

Episode 1

Maria Troulis is an Oral Maxillofacial surgeon who reconstructs the faces of people who have had traumatic injuries. These include a soldier returning from war, an NFL football player, and in this episode, a police officer shot in the line of duty. ABC cameras are there when the officer and his family arrive at the Mass General ER.

Pina Patel is in her fourth and last year of an Emergency Medicine residency. A graduate of Ohio State, she struggles to gain confidence in a training program filled with colleagues toting Harvard degrees. After failing to perform a standard medical procedure and being criticized for her leadership abilities, Pina questions whether she is cut out to go the distance and become an attending.

Daniel "Dibar" Dibardino is in a very different place than Pina. He is cocky and self-assured, a surgeon approaching the top of his game after nearly a decade training in the ultra-demanding cardiothoracic program. Even after only two hours of sleep, he talks and walks like he is on rocket fuel as he tries to pull off a tricky double-lung transplant involving two recipients.

Episode 2

Episode 2

Renee Peerless has spent nearly nine months of her pregnancy alone while her husband serves with the military in Iraq. His absence is made more difficult by the knowledge that their baby in utero has a serious heart defect and will need surgery within days of being born. A story of courage and hope, viewers will recognize the universal themes of motherhood, duty and determination that summon the best from us in difficult situations.

Jon “JD” Daniel is chief cardiothoracic resident. His own father’s life-saving heart surgery set him on a course to become a doctor. His commitment to his chosen profession is total but the strains that long hours place on his young family are evident.

Amanda Grabowski was ER “nurse of the year.” Her innocent good looks conceal a tart-tongued, no-nonsense pro who deploys a lacerating wit when needed to keep colleagues and patients in line.

Episode 3

Episode 3

Will Curry is a second generation African-American surgeon. He has trained at top institutions and is an attending at one of the nation's best hospitals. He tells how none of this stopped a patient from mistaking him for a janitor. In this episode, Curry performs a nearly inconceivable brain surgery on a young father with a tumor that will kill him if it is not removed.

Andrew "Bardouche" ElBardissi and Rick Reish are both first year surgical interns and best friends. Both supremely confident rookies, "Bardouche" is hazed by the senior doctors training him, but shows great technical promise as a surgeon and cares deeply about patients. Despite his boyish looks, Rick tries to project an unruffled demeanor, but things don't always go so smoothly. Rick takes a compassionate approach to patients and hopes they respond politely, but several comical encounters ensue.

Amanda Grabowski returns in this episode in a traumatic case that leaves her unsettled. We also learn about her personal life and her yearning to find someone who can share it with her. Possibilities emerge as her story continues.

Episode 4

Episode 4

Sara Dumas is a teenager beloved by friends and family. High-spirited and curious about the world, she is hampered by a congenitally diseased heart that will kill her within weeks if a donor can’t be found. For any mother, this would be a nightmare. However, Sara’s mother also has to contend with the realization that the family will go through everything twice. Sara’s brother Ian has the exact same ailment as his sister.

Jeff Ustin has zero tolerance for mediocrity and steps on toes to get medical attention for his patients. A decisive surgeon, he only unfurls his impressive temper to make a point. When a patient is dosed with a medication that is too strong and not what he had prescribed, or a cardiologist is unavailable to view a scan, he explodes in technicolor.

In this episode, the steep learning curve continues for surgical interns and best friends Rick Reish and Andrew "Bardouche" ElBardissi. Rick reveals a deeply personal motive for becoming a doctor and Andrew shares his unorthodox views about when doctors should date each other.

Suffering some ER burnout, Amanda Grabowski takes a raucous Caribbean cruise with two other nurses and also finds her love life takes an unexpected turn.

Episode 5

Episode 5

Mike O’Donnell is from a working class Boston neighborhood, loves the Red Sox, and is a doting father and devoted husband. He was also, like Amanda Grabowski, a past “nurse of the year.” In this episode, he will win the lasting gratitude of a family shaken by their child’s cardiac arrest.

Kelly Wright is a study in contradictions. She is a gay Texan and a second year resident in Ob-Gyn. Working in women’s health, she says, people assume she is pro-life and liberal. In fact, she is a devout Christian who won’t perform abortions unlike most of her fellow residents. But a difficult maternity case and the break-up of an important relationship, have colored her first years of residency and leads to career doubts.

Rachel Clark is Kelly Wright’s best friend at work and is also a second year Ob-Gyn. Her mission is to be a world-beating gynecological cancer surgeon and her job leaves little time for her relationship with Jeff, a venture capitalist, who hopes to marry her.

Kimberly Parks is a cardiologist assigned to work with heart transplant patients. One of them is Marvin Pollet, a middle-aged detective from Louisiana with a rare heart disease that will kill him if a donor heart can’t be found. He may be too sick to be eligible to be listed for transplant and Kim, who becomes emotionally involved with Marvin and his family, has to lobby colleagues to get him on the list. It’s a powerful story about the bond that can form between a patient and a caregiver.

Episode 6

Episode 6

The Cyrs are a young couple simply having a baby who find themselves engulfed in a medical nightmare. Their son is born with a critical heart defect requiring immediate surgery. The overwhelmed couple put their faith in Mass General's lead pediatric heart surgeon. But things go awry during the operation when vessels are not connected in a way that helps the baby recover. The family rides an emotional rollercoaster but decides to let the surgeon try again and revise his work in a second operation. It is a tale of heartbreak, hope and faith in which all parties are pushed to the limit.

Hasan Alam is a trauma surgeon faced with a desperate situation, a critically injured man who is bleeding to death. Alam knows that a second of hesitation on his part will doom the patient.

Rachel Clark and Kelly Wright are Ob-Gyn residents who hail from the South. They are also the closest of friends. Both of them are struggling to maintain a personal life in the face of a crushing caseload and brutal work schedules. By the end of this episode, both women will do a 180 degree reversal on the relationship front.

Daniel Dibardino, the cocky but skilled senior resident from earlier episodes returns to help save a young mother's life in a challenging operation. His technique is criticized relentlessly by a veteran surgeon in a manner rarely seen by the non-medical public. Yet Dibardino considers it a valuable learning experience, just part of the training needed to become a top surgeon in his own right.

Episode 7

Episode 7

Amy Rezak is one of only a handful of female trauma surgeons at major hospitals. Gunshot wounds, car accidents, patients who are sometimes hopelessly maimed or injured, are typical in Amy’s line of work. An adrenaline junkie with a dark sense of humor, Amy has what the military refers to as “command presence” in her OR. Her personal life is another matter. Still wounded by the break-up of an earlier relationship, Amy has what she calls "trust issues."

Tom Alden is a dashing retired fireman who still appears in middle age like an “the indestructible American male” in the words of his surgeon. Only he is not. Tom blew off a colonoscopy and now pays the price with a diagnosis of colon cancer. Coming to terms with his own mortality is tricky psychological terrain for this confident and supremely self-reliant man. His surgeon, David Berger, is as good as they come but knows Tom’s chances of survival will depend on how far the cancer has spread.

Caitlyn MacPhee is a four-year-old girl who is choppered to Children’s Hospital Boston in the middle of the night with bleeding in her brain. Her family switches between feeling grateful and angry at hospital staff as they try to cope with a situation that is beyond their control and medical understanding.

Rookie surgical resident Andrew "Bardouche" ElBardissi returns in this episode to see if he can perform his first gall bladder removal. The stakes are high for both patient and doctor. Suffering from burnout, Andrew decides to chill in Cairo and takes a boat ride on the Nile.

Episode 8

Episode 8

They would have never crossed paths.

Joseph Helfgot is a high-powered Hollywood marketing executive, the son of Auschwitz survivors, and a loving husband to Susan and caring father to their kids. Jim Maki, of mixed Blackfoot Indian and Japanese heritage, is a down-on-his-luck Vietnam War veteran who destroyed his face in a catastrophic subway fall.

Joseph hoped for a surgery that would extend his life and mend his ailing heart. Instead, it is Jim Maki who gets the second chance. Jim owes his new lease on life to both Joseph Helfgot and the brilliant plastic surgeon Dr. Bohdan "Bo" Pomahac - who was once a political refugee and arrived on these shores without a penny to his name. Bo could have never imagined he would one day make medical history. In the second face transplant ever performed in the U.S., one man takes part of another man’s identity.

It's a powerful story about two men and their will to live, the families who love them, and how loss can be transformed into a kind of victory.