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Thin Built In3PAR® Utility Storage features the world's most powerful virtualized storage array, delivering resilient infrastructure agility for less. The 3PAR InServ® Storage Server with Thin Built In technology is a highly virtualized, tightly clustered, and dynamically tiered storage array that can cut your Total Cost of Ownership for storage by up to 50% by decreasing administration time by 90% and cutting capacity and related expenses by 50%. 

3PAR is the first vendor to incorporate thin technologies into our storage array hardware to deliver increased capacity utilization while assuring high performance levels. This makes 3PAR Utility Storage the ideal storage platform for cloud computing and the delivery of enterprise IT as a utility service. 

Fclass and Tclass family photo Utility Storage: Thin Built In
  • 3PAR Utility Storage Benefits: Learn how 3PAR Utility Storage benefits your organization by offering you a purpose-built, tiered storage solution for an agile and efficient cloud computing datacenter.
  • 3PAR InForm® Management Console: 3PAR offers the simplest, most unified management console in the industry, giving you to the ability to configure and manage all of your InServ arrays from a single window—including remote systems used for disaster recovery, which can be set up and tested in minutes, even when using multi-site replication.
  • 3PAR InServ Storage Servers: 3PAR InServ Storage Servers utilize the 3PAR InSpire® Architecture and revolutionary 3PAR Gen3 ASIC with Thin Built In™ to deliver simple yet powerful, dynamically tiered storage arrays for public and private cloud computing.
  • 3PAR InForm Software: The 3PAR InForm Operating System—sold as part of the functionality-rich InForm Suite—and a range of optional software products make 3PAR's dynamically tiered, highly virtualized arrays the most autonomic, agile, and efficient storage systems on the planet.
  • 3PAR InSpire Architecture: 3PAR's tightly clustered InSpire Architecture brings together both hardware and software components including the purpose-built 3PAR InForm Operating System to deliver simplicity and efficiency by eliminating the price premiums and scaling complexities associated with monolithic and modular arrays.
  • Thin Technologies: Can't afford to keep throwing more disks at your storage problems? Then it's time to get smart. This means not only getting thin, but also starting thin and staying thin. 3PAR is the only vendor that can help you do all three.
  • Green Storage from 3PAR: What is green storage and why is it so crucial to the sustainability of your business? Learn what makes 3PAR products green and how our arrays are different from those offered by legacy storage vendors.
  • Analyst Opinions: Don't just take our word for it. Read what leading analysts are saying about utility storage from 3PAR. 
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"The product is amazing. We are putting it through its paces and it hasn’t even blinked. "
-Gregory S. Thomas
Vice President of Information Technology, Managed Health Care Associates