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This website is concerned with the issues surrounding the Creation-Evolution debate, Young-earth Creationism and the historicity of the Bible.

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I am not a Christian myself, but I thought your [article] was excellent. It should be required reading for all creationists.-AM March 8,1996

"As a former card carrying ICR member I appreciate your candor and intellectual honesty in your search for truth and rejection of YEC pseudo-science. I just can't believe I used to hold such nonsense. It was true a deliverance to have escaped such warped thinking. The hold YEC doctrines had on me was almost cult like." B. T. April 20, 1999

You have a number of unique or unusual proposals that would be helpful for people to consider who are trying to think through the origins questions. I am especially glad that you are trying to treat both science and Scripture with integrity.- Physicist and Theologian July, 1995

Excellent presentation! - Theologian April, 1995

Of Foundation, Fall and Flood, "The book is a tightly reasoned, meticulously documented interpretation of Scripture and physcal evidence which aims to show that acceptance of an old earth and evolution do not require the Christian to abandon a straightforward, honest reading of Scripture."-Bill Hamilton, Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith, March 1996, p. 54

Of Adam, Apes, and Anthropology: "The careful logic and extensive references provide an excellent starting point for anyone wanting to investigate the humanity of fossil hominids"-Bill Hamilton, Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith, September 1998, p. 222


Adam, Apes and Anthropology Outline

Foundation, Fall and Flood Outline

A Theory for Creationists

Articles on the Flood

Articles on Evolution and Young-earth Creationism

Articles on Anthropology

Articles on Paleontology

Personal Stories of Creation/Evolution


Review of Hugh Ross' new book The Genesis Question

The Flawed Anthropological Views of Reasons to Believe

The Nature of Nature Conference: My reports

NEW: A new topic-The Bleak Future of Oil Supplies

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