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The New York State Breast Cancer Support and Education Network (SEN) is the only statewide network of community-based breast cancer organizations in New York. SEN facilitates member organizations sharing programs and resources, inter-organization referrals for services, and a support and education system for those who are working each day in the fight against breast cancer.

In the mid-1990s, a dozen or so free-standing, community-based, grass-roots breast cancer groups existed in communities throughout New York State. Each group was struggling to create programs, infrastructure, and support systems in their individual communities. With the exception of the Long Island groups, very few groups knew about the other groups, much less how to contact each other to share information and concerns, and no central organization existed to facilitate that contact.

In spring, 1998, a few of these groups found each other and decided to create a network to facilitate communication among them. This was the beginning of SEN.

Over the past six years, SEN has grown to include over 20 groups comprised of breast cancer-related service organizations and advocacy groups. Each year SEN member organizations provide support and education services to over 100,000 people and families affected by breast cancer throughout the state in communities that stretch from Buffalo to Long Island.

Please join us in our work.

Network Legislative Agenda BPA Legislation Signed into Law!
16th Annual Perspectives in Breast Cancer
NYS Breast Cancer Network Board Chair Susan M. Cohen received a 2010 New York State Woman of Distinction Award and was recognized at a ceremony at the New York State Legislature in May, 2010.
2010 Annual Education & Advocacy Day is a Big Success!
Two NYS Breast Cancer Network Leaders Honored by the EPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)
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New York State Breast Cancer Network 2010 Education & Advocacy Day
NYSBCN member Karen Miller joins distinguished panel at special symposium on Breast Cancer, Endocrine Disruptors, and Early Puberty
Network groups hard work pays off when Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy signs ban on the sale of baby/children products containing BPA.
Breast Cancer Options receives the 2009 NY State Innovation in Early Detection & Research Award
Governor Paterson Signs Executive Order Enacting Green Procurement Initiative
Two Legislative Successes for NYSBCN!!
NYSBCSEN Chair Susan Cohen will participate in a panel discussion on
NYSBCSEN Chair Susan Cohen testifies before the New York State Health Research Science Board
Young Survival Coalition Presents Poster at San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium
Susan Cohen, Chair of the New York State Breast Cancer Network Testifies at the New York State Assembly Public Hearing on The Family Health Care Decision Act
Advocate Musa Mayer reports back from the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium
SHARE advocate Helen Schiff speaks about Genetic Profiling including OncotypeDX and MammaPrint at the 2005 Era of Hope Conference
YSC member Joy Simha speaks about the Consumer Perspective on Genetic Profiling and Gene Expression
An Amazing Day at ASCO - Advocate Musa Mayer Reports Back From ASCO

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