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Girlwatcher: Bubble-Butt Twins, Nude Bubble Butts, Big Booty Celebrities, continued

The Girlwatcher Questionnaire: April O'Neil 

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NAME: April O'Neil
BIRTHDAY: April 7th
HEIGHT: 5'1"
ETHNICITY: Mexican, German, and Nicaraguan
BLOOD TYPE: Brown. I mean A-.
NICKNAME: A.On or Beast. Just don't call me Ape. I'm not a monkey, I'm a month, thank you.
CLAIM TO FAME: Best friend of four crime-fighting turtles. Oh, wait, that's a different April O'Neil.
ATHLETIC ABILITY: I'll totally play but, I'll probably suck.
HIGH SCHOOL EXTRACURRICULARS: Choir, Photo, Art, and Bowling.
DO YOU WEAR GLASSES? I'm supposed to. I have to wear them when I drive so I don't crash.
DAY JOB: Model and adult actress
DREAM JOB: Pastry chef
WORST JOB EVER HELD: I worked a couple hours at a clothing store and ditched out on my break. No one spoke English and they wanted me to rub wax paper on the racks for hours. Fuck that shit!
EDUCATION/PROFESSIONAL TRAINING: I graduated high school. I've taken a few college classes that have interested me but the diploma path just isn't for me. I'd love to go to culinary school, though.
HOBBIES: Cooking, TV, video games, reading, photography and anime.
USEFUL SKILLS: I'm pretty!
USELESS SKILLS: I'm quite good at origami.
OBSESSIONS: Spelling and grammar.
TRAGIC FLAW: I'm very impulsive if I want something.
I CAN COOK: Anything and everything.
FAVORITE COCKTAIL: Pineapple Upside Down Cake from Uva Bar at Downtown Disney. If you've never gotten wasted and then gone to Disneyland, I would highly recommend it. It's way better than when you were a kid.
FAVORITE FOOD: Peanut butter
FAVORITE JUNK FOOD: French fries, duh!
IDOL: Ayn Rand and Alton Brown
IDEAL OF FEMININE BEAUTY: Katherine Moennig ... mmm just thinking about her gets me hot!
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AS PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, I WOULD: Make everyone read Atlas Shrugged.
FAVORITE ALBUM: That's so impossible to answer! I refuse!
EMBARASSING SONG I KNOW BY HEART: Ugh, I caught myself singing along to an Avril Lavigne song in the grocery the other day. I wanted to die.
FAVORITE UNDERWEAR: These stupid Christmas Abercrombie & Fitch ones that my brother awkwardly got me a few years ago.
WHAT I LIKE IN A BRA: I LOVE the front clasp!
PREFERRED PANTIES: I never wear underwear but when I have to, I like boyshorts.
WHAT I WEAR TO BED: Absolutely nothing.
FIRST THING I DO WHEN I WAKE UP: Go back to sleep! Then I'll wake up again and let my pups out.
MY BEST FEATURE: I like my arms, they're the skinniest part of me.
WHAT MEN LOVE ABOUT ME: It seems to be that I like to do boy things like watch basketball and play video games. I've been told I'm "pretty chill."
PET NAME FOR MY BREASTS: Betty & Veronica... if only Archie knew!
SLUTTIEST ITEM OF CLOTHING I OWN: I have this white tank that just hangs on me and my boobs poke out all the time. It's kind of fun actually.
EVER BEEN TO A NUDE BEACH?: No! I want to SO badly! I hate tan lines.
GROOMING DOWN THERE: "We're coming in for a landing!"
PLACE I LIKE TO BE TOUCHED: Everywhere is special, trust me!
WHEN I ORGASM I: Barely show it.
MY PHILOSOPHY OF SEX: Explore, try, and experiment.
MY PHILOSOPHY OF LOVE: Do it for yourself and no one else.
MY PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE: "Happiness is that state of consciousness which proceeds from the achievement of one's values." —Ayn Rand
I SHOULD BE ON THE COVER OF PLAYBOY BECAUSE: Well, I'm hot—isn't that the only reason why anyone is on the cover of Playboy?

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