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Graffiti 6

A little bit of this and a little bit of that!

Graffiti 6

Graffiti 6 started as a project about 18 months ago when producer Tommy D and singer songwriter Jamie Scott got together to mix things up a little. Together the duo make clever pop that references a wide variety of genres, from soul to funk, folk, dance and everything in between.

Producer Tommy says “What we love about this band is that we’ve never had a plan. When we start a song, we’ve no idea where it’s going to end up. As long as it makes us feel good, we go with it”. Tommy is no stranger to the world of pop having worked with the likes of Kanye West, Jay Z and Kylie, and although he may want to keep it under his hat, he can’t escape the fact that he produced the 80s cheese classic that is indeed Right Said Fred’s I’m Too Sexy. Oh yes!

Unbelievably the duo are currently unsigned, but don’t go expecting that to last long, their debut EP Stone In My Heart will soon put a change to that, as long as the record labels agree to work the Graffiti 6 way! Until then Graffiti 6 will release material via their own label. The band have also recently started gigging, and they find themselves joined by another 4 members for their eclectic live sound. As well as gigs you can venture into East London’s Vibe Bar where the pair run a monthly club night.



Graffiti 6 Track Reviews

Annie You Save MeAnnie You Save Me

Charming and exciting

Stone In My Heart EPStone In My Heart EP

Setting the bar high!

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