Welcome to the home of the Shareware Industry Awards

The Shareware Industry Awards were conceived to honor the very best programs marketed using the "shareware" marketing model. Over time, the number of companies using the shareware model has increased dramatically. For the purpose of the Shareware Industry Awards, the definition of "shareware" is as follows:

"Shareware" is any software that offers a "try before you buy" capability. The user must be able to try the actual product, whether it is a program that can be downloaded or a service that is used online. All products that meet this criteria are eligible for the Shareware Industry Awards. Any company marketing a product that meets this definition, regardless of the size of the company, will be eligible for the Shareware Industry Awards.

The Shareware Industry Awards are awarded each year during the awards banquet which is held during the Software Industry Conference. The Software Industry Conference is a 3 day event held in July. To find out more click here!

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