Rt Rev. Gayle Elizabeth Harris. Bishop Suffragan Elect of Massachusetts.

Rt. Rev. Gayle Elizabeth Harris.
Bishop Suffragan Elect of Massachusetts.

Gayle Elizabeth Harris
Bishop Suffragan Elect of Massachusetts
138 Tremont
Boston, MA 2111

Email address for the diocese: dwong@.diomass.org/

Province: 1

Succession #: 981
Elected on second ballot on June 1, 2000; Consecrated on January 18, 2003
Born: 2/12/51 at

78 Lewis & Clark
81 CDSP MDiv

Ordained deacon: 2/81 Ordained priest: 6/82
Marriage: 4/5/86 . Children: 0 . Spouse: Peter Gayle

Assignment when elected: St. Luke and Simon Cyrene in Rochester, NY Size of parish: 2

Service on interim bodies in 2006-2009 triennium: Church Pension Fund. House of Bishops Committee on Pastoral Development

Law on homosexuality in MA +

'+' = No sodomy law
1 = Sodomy is a felony for lbs & straights
2 = Sodomy is a misdemeanor for lbgs & straights
3 = Sodomy is a felony, but only for lbgs
4 = Sodomy is a misdemeanor, but only for lbgs

Statistics for Diocesan bishops:
communicants in 1999, rank:
communicants in 1997, rank:
Median congregation:
Average congregation:
Number of congregations with 1,000+:
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How votedYrThe Issue
blank=not known
ne=Not eligible
99 e.g. Actions in green are votes that if 'yes' are favorable to lesbigays
Actions in red are votes that if 'yes' are unfavorable to lesbigays
Actions in black are votes that are neutral to lesbigays

Voting Record
0 03Preached at the Integrity Eucharist at GC 2003
0 03Voted to Endorse Certain Historic Anglican Doctrines and Policies -- Bishop Ackerman's resolution at GC 2003
103Attended the consecration of Gene Robinson as Bishop of NH, Nov. 2


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