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Palmerston, in the Northern Territory, is located 21km south of Darwin. The City was developed in the 1980s and is one of Australia's fastest growing areas. Palmerston was declared a city on 2 August 2000.

With an average age of 28, Palmerston's 25,000 population is primarily made up of families. Around 30 per cent of the population is under 15 years old.

The City Centre has two major shopping complexes, various sporting clubs, restaurants, pubs, skatepark, cinema and smaller shops.

The City itself has 10 suburbs currently developed (or being developed) - Driver, Gray, Woodroffe, Moulden, Durack, Farrar, Gunn, Rosebery, Bakewell, and Marlow Lagoon. Other areas are slated for development as the population grows.

Although Palmerston is mainly residential, it also has two light industrial areas - Pinelands and Yarrawonga.

The City's tropical environment is perfect for outdoor living. Palmerston has a wide range of sporting groups. The Archer Sporting Complex is set up for baseball and football. The Palmerston Aquatic and Leisure Centre is the home of the swimming pool and offers a gym, aerobics and swimming, as well as martial arts classes. A new multipurpose recreation centre is in the City Centre.

Palmerston has over 100 parks, many with playgrounds and barbecues. Marlow Lagoon is a large recreation area where community and private events are often held.

On Friday nights during the Dry Season, Palmerston's Friday night markets come alive in the City Centre. The markets boast a wide array of delicious international food, as well as craft, vegetables, and gift items for sale, activities for the kids, and entertainment for the whole family.

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