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  1. @AhmadIzhamOmar I'm touched my friend.
  2. @lilmui tofu
  3. @Khairykj oooohohohoho. Better luck eh?
  4. @evenkatesrao hahahahahaha. I wish
  5. Puasa lah. Ketchup tak boleh :( RT @Kenichan: Now you need to go to office in a hockey mask splattered with ketchup on it.
  6. @lilmui Don't go swimming in any lakes. Don't take off your clothes and run naked in any woods. Don't hang at the back of the plane alone.
  7. @limjiawei ptttthhhh!!!!
  8. Friday 13th is actually a great day for guys named Jason.
  9. I hope he wasn't pointing in out in the peepee room RT @Eanhitz: Having major breakout of zits. thanks @unopopshuvit for pointing it out..
  10. @MMFlint Been awhile since your last tweet Mike. Holiday? ;)
  11. You should name him Muhamad ch ch ch choif RT @Khairykj: @daxmuhamad You should name him Muhamad Chief. @jasonlo1
  12. @timothytiah er,..what's freebeer bro?
  13. Oooo. Yumm RT @Jenn_Thompson: @jasonlo1 hey gotta be better than my currypuff scented car airfreshner
  14. @Khairykj yarp
  15. @Khairykj Dying here man. Need ice cream or something
  16. I am sooo hungry I even made my own Ben & Jerry's Do the World A Flavor
  17. @WMFIRDAUS Against Nurul? Wouldn't stand a chance mate. Hmm, though I have yet to see her visiting my hood
  18. @DaphCLPT work work work
  19. @DaphCLPT Let's talk about sex?
  20. @Khairykj Er...... I'm not exactly the best twitter user around. Sometimes retweet is easy no? Still dunno how to use the hash and stuff