"Tale of 2HD Gamers" Army Painting Competition

Do you have unpainted or partially painted minis lying around?

Don't feel like painting or just have no reason to get those figs done?

Tired of pusing around an army of plain grey and silver minis?

Then I have the painting competition for you!

In the "Tale of 2HD Gamers" painting competition contestants will paint about 250 points each month for 4 months to gain points. Participation in in-store events will also garner more points. The top 3 army painters will receive prizes as detailed below.

The Points
Points will be awarded as follows (each unit can be submitted for points only once, including upgrades):
3 pts fully painted and based 250 points.
2 pts partially painted (not based or not finished with at least 3 colours)
1 pt assembled and primed
1 pt for playng a game including the submitted miniatures (maximum 2 per month)
1 pt for winning a game (maximum 1 per month)

The Bonus Points
1 pt best painted unit for the month
1 pt for a fully painted and converted army specific objective (maximum 3)
1 pt for each captured objective with competition painted units in an Apocalypse game (dates TBA)
1 pt for winning the monthly mini-tournaments (dates TBA - likely on the judging days)
? pts for making terrain for the store (dates TBA).

I will supply these prizes.
1st : Assault on Black Reach (or up to $50 of GW product)
2nd : Up to $35 of GW product
3rd : Up to $25 of GW product

To join simply show up with 250 pts painted minis on Friday November 7th (or one of the following judging days) and prepare a 1000 pt list.
I'd like to cut down on the use of prepainted figs so it is preferable if the contestants show me the unpainted/primed miniatures they intend to paint in the next month.

I plan to be around for judging/recording points after 6:00pm on the Fridays of: November 7th 2008, December 5th 2008, January 2nd 2009 and February 6th 2009. Eng, let me know if the dates are good for you.

Watch this thread for more information.

PS We can do a Warhammer Painting contest in the same vein early next year
PPS This idea could work for Warmachine/Hordes Painting Competitions as well!