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Members of the QES are invited to the Society's Annual General Meeting in London on 25th September 2010. (Details in the Newsletter). If you plan to attend, you should notify the QES Administrator by e-mail or call 07979 474826.  Numbers attending are required by the venue for health and safety purposes.

Welcome to the QES


A teaching, learning and research facility which is open to all!

The Society has been concerned about the decline in standards in the use of English for many years.  Our language faces a number of challenges, as it becomes ever more widely used by people with ever less knowledge of it and respect for it.  English is becoming corrupted in the age of mass communications, the text message, e-mail and the like.  We are here to defend English, in an effort to halt the decline in those standards, but strive to do so in a positive and helpful way.
The Queen's English Society will always welcome new members who have some sympathy with our aims, but we also hope this website and, in particular, The English Academy, will benefit all who wish to improve their own use of the language and also those who teach English, professionally, or indeed, as parents.

Recent media coverage of the QES has generated much comment, some of which is positive. However, we do have our critics. Here we explain the thinking behind what the Society is trying to achieve.The public perception of the QES

A young child and an adult study a computer screen

We aim to:

Urge parents to give their children a head start in life by ensuring that they learn to read and write in the home in preparation for primary school.

Help our youngsters to learn English and enjoy using it properly.

Help teachers, where possible, to guide their students to achieve the highest standards in English.

Support employers in their demands that their employees be well-equipped to communicate correctly in a competitive world.

Follow the main links on the left of this page to find out much more about the Society.  You will, of course, be very welcome to turn your interest into action by joining us as a member.  Go to the Apply Page