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Margie Adam

Margie Adam's website - www.margieadam.com - includes an extensive list of links on the CONNEXIONS Page. Here you will find listings for many feminist musicians and artists, feminist and progressive organizations, projects, and initiatives. Margie encourages others to "cut and paste" this list for use as a basis for our own Feminist Links Pages, reinforcing the ancient feminist practice known as "word of mouth."

The Furies

Rainbow History Project announces the online availability of The Furies newspaper (1972 -1973). The newspaper, published by Washington, DC's Furies collective from January 1972 to the middle of 1973 was an important source of lesbian feminist separatist ideology in the early 1970s. The newspaper was widely distributed in the US. Commentary in the issues now online also traces some of the internal operations and issues of the collective and the attempt to continue publication following the dissolution of the collective.

All issues in Rainbow History's archives are now available online as Adobe pdf files. Because of the increasing acidification of the newsprint, the scanned images have a sepia tint. When Rainbow History acquires the missing issue (Volume 2 Number 1), it will be added to the online resources. The files run from 3 MB to 6 MB in size. The files can be accessed by clicking on the volume/number identification at www.rainbowhistory.org/furies.htm


DoctorGeek offers professional web development services (web design, support, maintenance, and hosting), computer training, and consulting to businesses, professionals, educational and non-profit organizations, and individuals. Susan Kullmann, DoctorGeek's owner, designed this website and was its web publisher for issues #3-9. Please visit www.doctorgeek.net for more information or contact susan directly at .

ensemble jourine

hybrid writing by an ensemble of innovative women writers
long work, cross-genre, prose poem, plays, poem-plays, experimental, lyric essay, mixed media...
an on-going publication of serialized chapters, sections, and scenes of manuscripts by the ensemble
ensemble jourine online jourine appearing march, may, july, and october
additional work appearing biannually in the printed publication ensemble antholozine
available to order at www.ensemblejourine.com

Look Us in the Eye: The Old Women's Project

A new video by awarding winning producer Jennifer Abod
San Diegans Cynthia Rich, Mannie Garza and Janice Keaffaber take the stereotypes of an agesit culture and turn them on their heads. Wearing brilliant t-shirts that declare "Old Women are Your Future" and carrying their girant multi-ethnic old woman puppet, POWER (Pissed Old Woman Engaged in Revolution), The Old Women's Project refuses invisibility and proclaims that old women are part of every social justice issue.
Download flyer here

off our backs

off our backs, the longest surviving feminist newspaper in the United States, whose goal is "to provide news and information about women's lives and feminist activism; to educate the public about the status of women around the world; to serve as a forum for feminist ideas and theory; to be an information resource on feminist, women's, and lesbian culture; and to seek social justice and equality for women worldwide."

Salon 21

The virtual platform “Salon 21” offers scientific discussions, space for notes on scientific events, calls for papers, etc. Its focus is on women’s and gender history and related fields. Salon 21 is part of the research platform “Repositioning of Women’s and Gender History,” based at Vienna University. http://www.univie.ac.at/Geschichte/Neuverortung-Geschlechtergeschichte


Sisyphe, a feminist website, independent financially and otherwise, created and edited by Micheline Carrier with, since fall of 2002, the collaboration of Elaine Audet. Articles on feminism, prostitution, pornography, biotechnologies, education, poetry, literature, the arts, the situation of women in the world, religious fundamentalism, and numerous other subjects of interest.

Suppressed Histories Archives -
Women in Global Perspective

Suppressed Histories Archives - Women in Global Perspective "aims to uncover the realities of women's lives, internationally and across time, asking questions about patriarchy and slavery, conquest and aboriginality. About mother-right, goddess veneration, animist spirituality and shamanic arts -- and the historical chemistry of their repression. Even more important, their role in resisting oppression."

New poster from Suppressed Histories Archive: Our Reproductive Rights! http://www.maxdashu.net/shamanic/reprorights.html
Beautiful, multi-issue, empowering 11 x 17 laser print

Women's Studies Online Resources

Women's Studies Online Resources is Joan Korenman's rich, selective, and wonderful annotated guide to women's studies/women's issues resource sites; women- and gender-related email lists; women's studies programs, departments and research centers; and the WMST-L file collection. Part of UCBM's Center for Women and Information Technology, a website "dedicated to providing global leadership in achieving women's full participation in all aspects of information technology (IT). Women's participation in IT will strengthen the workforce, raise the standard of living for many women, and help to assure that information technology addresses women's needs and expands the possibilities for their lives."

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issue 10
February 2010

Mary Daly
Mary Daly
(Oct 16, 1928-Jan 3, 2010)

"Are Lesbians Going Extinct?" #1


Lise Weil
Betsy Warland

Conversation I

Ruthann Robson
Before and after Sappho: Logos

Elliott Femynye BatTzedek
On Living with a Poem for 20 Years: Judy Grahn’s "A Woman Is Talking to Death"

Conversation II

Susanna J. Sturgis
And Will Rise? Notes on Lesbian Extinction

Deborah Yaffe
My Mid-term Exam in Lesbian Theory and Practice

Cynthia Rich
Letter to Lise Weil

Jean Taylor
Dispatches from an Australian Radicalesbianfeminist

Dolores Klaich
No Longer Burning

Conversation III

Arleen Paré
Reinvention and the Everyday

Chris Fox
The Personal is Political

Esther Shannon
Notes on Reinvention and Extinction

Conversation IV

Natalie G.
Dyke on a Haybale: A Lesbian Teen In Kansas Speaks Out

Em Williams
Gay to Trans and the Queering in Between

Seema Shah
Lesbian Lament

Carolyn Gage
The Inconvenient Truth about Teena Brandon

Conversation V

Elana Dykewomon
Who Says We’re Extinct?

Lise Weil
She Who

Margie Adam
Lesbian: Going All the Way

Arleen Paré
Trivia Saves Lives

Notes on Contributors