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It may be time for reverse SEO. With the Internet and social media, bad press can turn into a public relations nightmare. How do you control the damage?

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from burnsie 2 Days ago #
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Wonderful article regarding SEO.

from Jayesh 2 Days ago #
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I must admit that this the hottest topic today. Reverse SEO is the need of the hour as with the development of social media there is a great danger of getting an adverse effect on the brand or company reputation.

Timely post i must say.

from SEOcopy 1 Day ago #
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Hey Jayesh as a matter of fact it's been a hot topic including at the Dojo Radio show. Funny thing is I wrote this article based on a real experience. For the sake of this discussion we will assume that Reverse SEO is the process of removing (technically de-ranking) websites other than your own from the first pages of Google. Can this be accomplished, I think it can if it's caught from the onset. In some cases you have large companies that have hundreds of pages in the forums the ripoff blogs etc. In that instance I can see where a more aggressive startegy has to take place. Thanks for chimming in :)

from JaeChick 1 Day ago #
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Seems to me we're talking about brand defense and the best time to do that is before you have a brand which needs defending. It's an investment.

Not quite sure I'd call it "reverse SEO" though...

from SEOcopy 1 Hour, 37 Minutes ago #
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Anytime you are defending a business, a service, a campaign, a comment online then using "reverse SEO" is a viable strategy. I agree that in order to defend a "brand" one needs to have one. But what about the people that don't have a brand but a reputation? When I wrote this post I was discussing my personal experience online. With that said we have also helped a client with a "brand" solve their reputation online. Either way the process is time consuming and can get out of hand if not handeled right away! Btw, I found an article that may give you more information about Reverse SEO

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