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That's not Eddie on Maiden cover

Art attack: The Final Frontier sleeve art
Art attack: The Final Frontier sleeve art

Iron Maiden artist Melvyn Grant says the character on the sleeve of The Final Frontier ISN'T band mascot Eddie – although he won't give full details.

Grant tells the Examiner: "It's not Eddie as such. I'm not going to say anything more, because I don't know what Iron Maiden have got planned. I'm not going to tread on any toes or mess up any surprises.

"Okay, I'll tell you: it's actually an alien. The old Eddie might still come around."

Grant has worked with Maiden since 1992's Fear of the Dark, taking over from original artist Derek Riggs. He says he has a good relationship with the band, although sometimes less so with fans who have strong views on his work.

He explains: "I enjoy working with the Maiden crew, but it does exasperate you when you have to keep changing things. Everything's happening at once – but I find they're very nice people to deal with. If they plan on using things they like, they pay for it. They don't mess around.

"They always want to give their fans something new. They take chances. With this Eddie I've just done for The Final Frontier, someone said to me at the beginning: 'You've split the fan base in half.'

"Some people really hate it – the things some of them wanted to do to me on the forums, you wouldn't believe. I think they wanted Eddie to eat me..."

Maiden will headline the Sonisphere festival at Knebworth Park this weekend.

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nat metalfull

11/08/10 at 02:33

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it's not only a painting its a toy that children wish to have for's this figure that carries memories..BUT THIS ONE STILL ROCKS like all the albums they 've recorded.....


31/07/10 at 22:07

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How the hell can anyone hate this? Its not the best but it isnt the worse either... and how childish can you be? crying over the album art.. who cares it still rocks!!!

Captain daddy Puppy

31/07/10 at 18:06

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It's only a painting.

nat metalfull

28/07/10 at 01:32

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i want eddie...eddie from the 80's with the blue jeans and the messy hair..the evil eyes...the wide open mouth!


27/07/10 at 16:29

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Whats with the video then "Eddie what took you so long"?

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