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Last Updated: August 14, 2010 10:34 PM

DISTURBED: 'Asylum' Track Listing Revealed - July 10, 2010
Chicago hard rockers DISTURBED will release their new album, "Asylum", on August 31 via Reprise Records. The CD will follow up the group's 2008 release, "Indestructible", their fourth million-seller in a row and third No. 1 album.

"Asylum" track listing:

01. Remnants
02. Asylum
03. The Infection
04. Warrior
05. Another Way To Die
06. Never Again
07. The Animal
08. Crucified
09. Serpentine
10. My Child
11. Sacrifice
12. Innocence

As with "Indestructible", DISTURBED self-produced "Asylum", which the band began writing in September 2009 and recording in February of this year. Frontman David Draiman describes it as "still identifiably DISTURBED, but showing more maturation. We feel this is one of the strongest bodies of work we've ever put together. It definitely goes in familiar areas, but with new levels of precision and skill."

Lyrically, Draiman says, the themes "range from very personal and introspective, to the political and provocative. What would you expect? No songs about puppy dogs or rainbows here."

"We want this record to be a shining example of how the years have made us stronger," Draiman says. "We want it to be an album that helps people get through their own trials and tribulations, as always."

The first single from "Asylum", "Another Way To Die" deals with some very timely subject matter, as Draiman told The Pulse of Radio. "Obviously it's referring to the global catastrophe that we know as global warming, and the effects that it continues to have on our planet, and our irresponsibility in doing what we do as a species, and our constant appetite, our constant consumption at all costs, you know, no matter what is destroyed, no matter what is laid to waste," he said. "And certainly what's happening in the Gulf now is, you know, horrific."

"Another Way To Die" went on sale at iTunes on June 15.

DISTURBED will hit the road ahead of the album's release, and will be anchoring this summer's new Uproar Tour with AVENGED SEVENFOLD and STONE SOUR.

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posted by : General Ceel
7/10/2010 3:55:38 AM

There is a Trans-Siberian Orchestra song off the Night Castle album called "Another Way You Can Die" I wish bands were more aware of each other, and avoided using the same and similar titles all the time.

posted by : zeilo
7/10/2010 5:26:25 AM

General Ceel---> Are you for real?? Serious? Seems like someone needs to get laid

posted by : RiotAct66.6
7/10/2010 6:27:01 AM

Hail general ceel ( who still lives with mom at 40)

posted by : SS_kills
7/10/2010 7:13:17 AM

how would anyone from metal know a song from trans siberia orchestra? classical music sucks.

anyway, crossing fingers that the rest of the album is better and different than the single.


COMMENT | can't believe
posted by : hurricane hugo
7/10/2010 8:56:58 AM

these guys are still around.


COMMENT | General Ceel
posted by : Strychnine.213
7/10/2010 10:25:10 AM

Yes, because all bands should be aware of all other bands in existence so they don't accidentally use one of their song titles. Missing out the fact that it would be fucking impossible. How is a band not allowed to use a similar song title anyway, that's just stupid.

posted by : wastedthelight
7/10/2010 10:36:41 AM

The dude is right! They need to have a database so bands can search for song titles to see if they've been used yet or not! So unoriginal when I see this crap! god General Ceel is a freaking moron.

I was in two bands at the same time, both had songs called Never Again...guess Disturbed needs to stop ripping my bands off. Oh and Nickelback, they have a song called never again as well...along with 100 other bands. Take your mom's toy out of your ear buddy so you can use that brain.

posted by : YngwiesDonutBaker
7/10/2010 11:04:17 AM

dave, they were better, had better songs, had better groupies,
and were mostly taller.

get back to changing bedpans, dave.

COMMENT | ..SS kills
posted by : NoneBuriedDeeper
7/10/2010 12:54:34 PM

The best guirtatist sare all trained in classical music. You have never heard Savatage's arrangement to Grierg's In the Hall of the Mountain King.? They called it Prelude to Maddness and is the Intro to the song in In The Hall of the Mountain King. Thank god not everone thinks like you or that classic album would have never happened.

COMMENT | The animal in me
posted by : MetalJunkieJay
7/10/2010 2:57:48 PM

Awesome you just know hell wail Theeee annniimal in me wah ahahah. I love disturbed looking forward to this one.

COMMENT | They've never had good song titles.
posted by : StaticXEngage
7/10/2010 3:40:44 PM

But I've always liked their music. I'm pretty excited for this one. Album artwork looks sweet! "Indestructible" was a great album, a lot better than 10,000 Fists IMO.

Fans of Disturbed, KoRn, and Static-X should check out a band called CELLDWELLER. They're pretty amazing and underrated.

posted by : CHI.-DEM. is a trillion times better than $LA$H solo
7/10/2010 3:47:51 PM


posted by : IamAmerijuanican
7/11/2010 2:03:26 AM

theres dozens of metal bands with classical influences. Unexpect anyone? or Fleshgod Apocalypse

COMMENT | Really? Draiman is concerned about global warming?
posted by : canudeliver?
7/11/2010 6:15:02 AM

Give me fucking break

posted by : Left Hand of Dog
7/12/2010 1:31:54 AM

If Disturbed were any lamer.. well I dont think I'm mentally capable of these calculations. Absolute wit failure in the face of extreme lameness!!

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