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Kendal Parish and Union Workhouse

There has been no new workhouse built for this union, the old one at the North end of the town being sufficiently capacious. It was erected in 1769, pursuant to An Act of Parliament, passed in 1767 "for enclosing a piece of waste ground in the Borough and township of Kirkby in Kendal for the benefit of the poor, and cleansing the streets of the town, and for confirming a rule or order of assize and order of the high court of Chancery, relative to the rates and assessments to be raised for the relief of the poor, by the inhabitants of the said township, and the owners of lands, called Park and Castle lands" By this Act the mayor and twelve other inhabitants were empowered to set out roads, cleanse and light the streets, levy fines for nuisances etc, make orders for maintaining and employing the poor, to enforce the payment of rates and penalties etc. 

The Union comprises the following 57 townships viz : Ambleside, Applethwaite, Barbon, Beetham, Burton, Casterton,
Crook, Crosthwaite and Lyth, Dillicar, Docker, Farleton, Fawcet Forest, Firbank, Grasmere, Grayrigg, Haverbrack, Helsington,  Heversham with Milnthorpe, Hincaster, Holme, Hugill, Hutton (New), Hutton (Old) and Holemscales, Hutton Roof, Kendal,  Kentmere, Killington, Kirkby Lonsdale, Lambrigg, Langdales,  Levens, Longsleddale, Lupton, Mansergh, Meathop and Ulpha,  Middleton, Natland, Nethergraveship, Patton, Preston Patrick,  Preston Richard, Rydal and Longrigg, Scalthwaiterigg Hay and Hutton-ith-Hay, Sedgwick, Skelsmergh, Stainton, Staveley (Nether), Staveley (Over), Strickland Ketel, Strickland Roger,  Troutbeck, Underbarrow and Bradley Field, Undermillbeck,  Whinfell, Whitwell and Selside, Witherslack.

The affairs of the Union are managed by 67 guardians, of which number 13 are returned for Kendal, 2 each for Ambleside, Heversham with Milnthorpe, Kirkby Lonsdale, and Kirkland, and one each for the other townships.

They meet weekly at the Board Room, Market Place; Mr John Mann is Clerk to the Board of Guardians and Superintendent Registrar, Mr Thomas Atkinson is Vice-Superintendent; George Kirkby esq : Chairman; John Parkin esq Treasurer to the Union. The relieving officers are Richard Wallace for Kendal ; William Mounsey for Ambleside ; William Atkinson for Grayrigg ; James Spicer for Milnthorpe, and William Cragg for Kirkby Lonsdale district.

Mr Wallace is Registrar of Marriages, and Deputy Registrar of Births and Deaths for Kendal, and Thomas Troughton for Ambleside district and Mr Joseph Wilson is the Registrar of Births and Deaths for Kendal District.

The Medical officers are J T Brumwell for Kendal, William Fell for Ambleside; James Noble for Grayrigg; Robert Wilson for Milnthorpe; Alex Pearson for Kirkby Lonsdale; William Holme for Bowness; Thomas Atkinson for Scalthwaiterigg; Robert Abbotson for Barton District. 

Mr Henry Douglas is master, and Mrs Jane Douglas, matron of the workhouse;

William Wilson, schoolmaster and Agnes Harling, schoolmistress. 

The total expenditure for the relief of the poor during the half-year ending 31st March 1849 was 5,586-4s-10.5d and the average weekly cost per head for the in-door paupers was about 2s-6d. 

Source: Mannex & Co Westmoreland Directory 1851
Submitted by Betty Longbottom

Records Available from Kendal Record Office, County Offices, Strickland Gate, Kendal, Cumbria. LA9 4RQ
Telephone:- U.K. 01539 773540

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