Here is a collection of Audience Participation Stories for your use. None are originals done by me. They are being recycled to you from various resources such as Pow Wow Books, Web Sites and Roundtable handouts.

If you have any stories that you would like for me to add, please e-mail them to me and I will share them with all our fellow scouters.

  A Day At The Circus
  Advancement in Rank
  A Fair Maiden's Plight
  A Genius This and That
  A Great Christmas
  A Frontier Thanksgiving
  A Haunting We Will Go
  A Lesson For The Big Bugs
  A Scouting Story
  A Space Adventure
  A Trip To The Dinner Hall
  A Very Special Birthday Party
  A Wish Come True
  Arachne The Spinner
  Billy Builder, the Genius
  Blackbeard and the Pirates
  Bridging to Boy Scouts
  Calvin-Super Hero
  Chief Woodskunk
  Clancy to the Rescue
  Climbing the Mountain
  Computer Pals
  Cub Scout Nature Hike
  Cub Scout Knot
  Deep in the Heart of Texas
  Doctor Drake
  Fisherman's Luck
  George Washington And The Apple Tree
  Getting To The Bottom of Things
  Going Down in History
  Grandma and Grandpa's Vacation
  How the Moon, Stars and Sun Got Into the Sky
  It's In Your Mind
  Joey's First Parade
  Join Cub Scouts
  Jolly Green Giant and the Scarecrow
  Little Rabbit
  Little Wolf & Crazy Bear
  Mardi Gras "Mellerdrama"
  Old Fashioned Christmas
  Planting A Garden
  Peg Leg Pete's Predicament
  QUIET Please
  Sleepy Donder
  Smokey Bear
  Terry The Timid Tiger
  Thanksgiving Sparkler
  The Banquet
  The Bird of Many Songs - A Navajo Legend Hunt
  The Big Turkey Hunt
  The Big Wheel
  The Brutal Miner
  The Bullfight
  The Cobbler: Shoemaker Indeed
  The Confused Couple
  The Duck and the Doctor
  The Fire of the Dragon
  The Gallant Knight
  The Gadabouts
  The Grand Fiesta
  The Helpful Christmas Mouse
  The House Where Santa Claus Lives
  The Indian Hunter
  The Litterbug
  The Little Engine That Could
  The Misspelled Smoke Signals
  The Pirate Voyage
  The Plummer and the Electrictian
  The Reluctant Rabbit
  The Samurai
  The Story of the Pack
  The Surprise  
  The Tale of Sitting Bull
  The Thing
  The Transcontinental Train
  The Viking Voyage
  The Wonderful Cellar Band
  Too Much Go
  Where Is Your Home
  Where Men are Men
  Why Santa Has A Beard
  Winter Songs

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