Coffee Tells 49ers He Intends to Retire

Posted by Taylor Price on August 13, 2010 – 12:55 PM

At the conclusion of Friday’s only training camp practice of the day, Mike Singletary announced that second-year running back Glen Coffee informed the 49ers he intends to retire from the National Football League.

Coffee released this statement through the team earlier on Friday:

“This has been a tough decision for me to make, but at this time in my life I feel it is best for me that I move on from football. I appreciate what the 49ers, my teammates and coaches have done for me, and I wish them a blessed season and all the best in the future.”

Singletary met with Coffee Friday morning and the two discussed the difficult decision.

“Glen informed us this morning of his intent to no longer play the game of football,” Singletary said. “I respect that. I appreciate everything that he’s done for the 49ers and whatever the issues are, I’m not going to go into all of the other stuff. You will have to talk to Glen about that. But I appreciate his honesty and I appreciate him not coming out here and going through the motions.”

Singletary insisted that the news of the day won’t become a distraction to his players and their goals for the upcoming season.

“I was telling someone just a little while ago that this has been one of the best weeks that we’ve had, and the reason why is because we have adversity. When you have to deal with adversity it allows you to focus. It would be very easy to go through the entire offseason and go through training camp without facing any adversity at all, and go into the season and you have one setback and think, ‘Oh my goodness, how are we going to deal with that?’ We can deal with anything. We’re dealing with this in stride and continuing to have our best practice, the guys are continuing to be enthusiastic about what they are thinking about, their focus. I think our guys understand, we’re going to have some adversity and when we do the most important thing is how we deal with it. We respond, and we move forward.”

Singletary called Coffee an “exceptional young man” adding, “I hold him in very high regard.”

Coffee was slated to be the 49ers No. 2 running back, and Singletary indicated that rookie Anthony Dixon and veteran Michael Robinson would be in competition to assume that position.

“(Dixon) is going to step into the same role,” Singletary said. “He and Coffee were competing to see who that backup guy was going to be. And right now, it really forces Dixon to grow up really quick. It’s one of those things where he is going to take more snaps; he’s going to get more of the workload.

“I would say right now we are just going to go through this process and see what we come up with in the personnel department and just go forward with that and let things continue to work themselves out.”

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104 Responses to “Coffee Tells 49ers He Intends to Retire”

  1. By Oz on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply


  2. By pete on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    give the man more money!

  3. By Chris P. on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    Go grab Brian Westbrook! He hasn’t signed with any team yet!!!

  4. By Montes on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    im not trying to be disrespectful but if these were his intentions he should not have came out at all..we had another rookie running back who had shown promises during last years preseason and was released to keep coffee

  5. By big slim on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    coffee is a real good guy 49ers will miss him and i will to go niners

  6. By Ralph Delso on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    Well since coffee is leaving why not try an bring in brian westbrook? Talk about a very productive RB. If gore gets winded westbrook can bring the same kinda intensity that gore does.

  7. By Ron on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    I agree with Ralph. Brian Westbrook will be a very good addition and an experience back-up for Frank. He will add leaderdhip in the locker room like Isaac Bruce did. He will be a good mentor to Dixon.

  8. By marcel on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    well he made is choice, hes a quitter and we need winners, let him go, seems like ricky(dolphins) all over again but this time its appening to the 9ers, but if he tries to come back nobody should give coffee another shot. hopefully 9ers go for westbrook, he and gore together would be unstoppable.

  9. By Ryan McMillan on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    Why. It never says in the story as to why he is retiring. ???????????????????

  10. By sherman on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    why?????? im shocked! but lets move on, so long coffee. I like tea anyway! have a great life! Go 49er’s!!!!

  11. By Estevan G on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    LIfe is full of choices, and we as humans must make the best choice for ourselves.. Its obvious that Glenn has decided to make the best choice for his life.. While he was here im sure he gave it his all, but as they say “the page has turned and a new chapter will begin” So I can only wish him luck, whatever his reason for making his decision I am sure he doesnt regret.. Good Luck Glen!!!
    We still have a season to play, and im sure Coach will not allow this to distract the task at hand, “Winning” so bring on the season and let get it done Coach!!

    GO TEAM 49ers!!!!

  12. By Jason on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    If you read about him, he put on 17LBS of Muscle in one summer!! Come on…if that doesnt scream ROIDS I dont know what does! I think it was a forced issue by the coaches to tell him to retire so they wouldnt get busted for roids and have that distraction…they have enough as it is with injuries and guys not playing or being at camp! I wish just one that this team could have all of their guys on the line and everywhere and just go out and dominate, but they wont! So with everything going on and the way this team plays I think they may make the playoffs but only because everyone else in the division sucks. The cardinals might surprise people again and be good!

  13. By Art on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    He stepped away from something great, he had enough, he should have talked it over before signing good luck $ 49ers 4 Life $

  14. By Marylee on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    I wish we could try Jimmy Farris again,he sure proved himself,caught every ball thrown to him,and worked hard was a team player.Just shows good guys dont always finish no. one.

  15. By Donald on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    We don’t know what his reasons were and it’s really none of our business. To make an accusation that he’s taken steroids is totally out of line. Even if he is or has may not have anything to do his retiring. It’s very easy to look at someone’s situation and make suggestions of why it’s the way it is but we all need to look at ourselves before putting others down. Although we didn’t get very much time to see what Glen Coffee can do on the field, I wish him and his family the very best. If he’s going through some personal issues, I pray he gets them straight.

  16. By darnell on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    hey it is what it is. its a sad day for us niner fans but obviously this is bigger than football. i hope it’s not forced on him and its just a life decision. and i thank him for what he did for us in his little time. i hope its not one of those things that get blown up in a negative way over the up coming weeks. go niners. good luck coffee

  17. By vans25 on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    why not brian westbrook he can take a bit of the load off frank gore an our running game or passing game wont loss a step… i say lets take a chance an see if he fits an i know he loves the game of football unlike coffee…

  18. By Amir Talai on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    Jason you’re a crazy conspiracy theorist.
    My guess is he put the muscle on (naturally) to see if improving himself physically might translate into him loving the game again. Then he got to camp and realized, nope, it didn’t. So he quit. Good for him for making a difficult decision and best of luck to him, whatever he decides to do in the future.
    BTW, I’d obviously be a lot more bummed if he had better than 2.9 ypc last year. :P

  19. By Bryan on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    I have just heard about the coffee retirement and if it his choice we all need to stand by and not only respect it but wish him luck and well in his future. Yes it sucks that he will no longer be here with the 49ers but look on the bright side now we can get a look at Anthony Davis and not only that its best that it happened early in the camp vs later. Now we have an chance to go and get another back if that is what we need to do.

  20. By AZNINERNUT49 on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    go get a vet back up robinson is not a punishing runner what happened to the roger craig type backs try to tackle low eat my knee..

  21. By Dino S. on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    I say Niner’s GM should make a trade for Marshawn Lynch or Willis McGahee, two RB who are looking to go elsewhere. Give up a 3rd round pick for next year being we should make the playoffs this season. I like the development of Anthony Dixon, but it does not hurt to add depth and experience to a frequently used position. Gore is sensational, but in this era, all the best competing teams operate with dual or triple threat RB’s to wear down opposing defenses. Give me a job in the front office, I will make us winners.

  22. By Ash on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    I would like to see Brian Westbrook in a niners uniform come start of the season

  23. By Morgan on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    I don’t know what the reason he is retiring, but it’s gotta b something more important than football. I was really looking forward to his progression from last year. I totally support him, good luck in all your future endeavors Glen and God bless!

  24. By Jeff Watson on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    Ok…Come on…What’s with all this negativity? You guys really think he’s a quitter? He worked his tail off to add muscle in the offseason…He looks better physically and practiced with high intensity…Clearly Singletary has high regard for him…Some of those comments are shameful to 49ers fans…Have more respect and stop acting like Raider fans…Watch…Once we find out about the reason he chose to retire you guys are gonna feel like idiots…I appreciate what he has done and appreciate him being a man and not waiting til’ late in preseason…If he chose to come back in the future I’d have no issue if the 49ers gave him another try…Come on Niner fans…We’re better then that! Grow up! Show some class!

  25. By Tom on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply


    Lynch…sure, however I SERIOUSLY doubt that McGahee is going to leave an established team as a second back, to just be another second back on a team that is not doing as well.

    Glen will most likely move towards a life in the Ministry. It is a shame that he didnt stick around…Im sure he would have matured into a wonderful back, but best of luck to him.

  26. By LD on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    It is sad to here that for a young man with so much talent. I remember watching him at Alabama and remember thinking that he had what it took to be an NFL running back, but the NFL isn’t for everybody, demanding, physical, etc. I wish him the best! GO COWBOYS!!! Just to get you niner fans buzzing!

  27. By chadt on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    Go get Westbrook!

  28. By mrbreez62 on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    I can say that i’m dissipointed, but i am not mad. There’s noway to really say with the problem could be but i wish him and his family the best. Westbrook would be a great addition, and i like who we have now. We’ll be fine without Glenn but he will be missed. 49er LOVE ALL DAY

  29. By brian hardy on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    Jeff is right you people should appreciate what he did while he was there b/c his ALABAMA FANS still respect him no matter what the reason is. GOOD LUCK GLEN AND ROLL TIDE. BTW GO RAIDERS “MCCLAIN” ROLL TIDE ROLL

  30. By richard on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    Who was the guy they cut last year for coffee i forget he was a bad little dude though! Yeah westbrook and gore together, yeah that would be nice but he gets hurt to much and fumbles the ball. Well as long this doesnt distract the niners were all good cant wait no disappointments this year lets go deep into the playoffs and try for a superbowl damn it! NINER FAITHFUL FOREVER ALWAYS BELIEVE NINER FANS WE HAVE TO SHOW ALL OUR SUPPORT THIS YEAR AT THE GAMES! GO NINERRRRRRRRSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. By Chuck on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    Jeff, I couldn’t have said it better myself.
    We need to support Coffee in whatever he believes is more important than football.(Believe it or not, there are many things more important) And this just gives us a good chance of seeing 2 hungry rookies looking to complete a double threat RB duo.

    Good luck Coffee, and GO NINERS!!!!!!!!

  32. By Nate on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    Niners fan for qutie sometime now lookin forward to the season with Coffee in the backfield. Its a shame to lose a back like him so quickly. Also a Hawkeye fan here maybe someone should look into Albert Young from Iowa think he’s currently with Vikings lookin for a place in the back field. Heck of a back he could be if given a chance. GO NINERS

  33. By Malcolm on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    He trippin y he retred he was a good change up back, this was a randon retirement that came out of nowhere

  34. By Vlott on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    Marshawn…Marshawn…Marshawn. Bring him back to the bay. Why is this board all about Westbrook? Even if he has anything left, and thats a question, he cant last but 2 more years. Marshawn could be a great mix up to the punishing type of runner Gore is. Think people.

  35. By Virg on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    He has a higher calling….prob ministry….if that’s the case……bless him….football is just a game…..ministry is helping souls

  36. By Doug on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    Since nothing’s important anyway, including the NFL and the Ministry, it’s just a choice between unimportant alternatives. And since the whole idea of a god is simply an unsubstantiated hypothesis, he’s going to end up wasting his time here promoting nonsense.

  37. By BRANDON on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    GET WESTBROOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. By Robert on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    Why!!! I would like to know?I Dont beleive he quit. so either he got some serious personal stuff going on outside of football, or maybe he step into something. whatever, I hope its a posivtive situation for all. brian westbrook is a nice fit. What”sp with his concussion status. we need a runner who can run the ball outside as well as inside to help balance our running game. its to predictable.

  39. By Smuman on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply


  40. By MR.49ER on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    we really dont know enough to be disrespectful or out of line, if you are and real 49er fan. i agree that we need brian westbrook.

  41. By MR.49ER on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    also a QB too, sorry just my opinion

  42. By MR.49ER on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    go 49ers

  43. By Griz on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    Okay no disrespect to coffee but im pretty sure he knew about this way before training camp, the niners let go of a very talented rb in sheets to keep coffee and then he retires c’mmon!! Also blount left for the titans because the backfield was crowded with coffee and dixon just imagine gore,blount, dixon. What might have been.

  44. By Jorge on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    Wow! I couldn’t believe the news….I think that when his # was called last yr and he failed it got in his head, just a thought but why else other then personal stuff that we just don’t know about. His loss, the Niners are on the up and up and he’s gonna miss out on something special. Remember, we want winners! Go get Westbrook and lets make a run at this. Go Niners!!!!!!!

  45. By Chris on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    Get Westbrook for sure….and why are u guys on the NINERS website if u are COWBOYS & RAIDER fans….go to your own website and comment on your own teams!!!!!

  46. By Brian on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    To all of you saying good riddance have a little respect. He worked hard for the 49ers last year. You have no clue what is going on. He could have family problems he has to handle. He may have other personal problems he has to handle. All this mention of steroids and being a quitter is rude and disrespectful.

  47. By Brian on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    also think about it. Singletary said he holds great respect for the guy. That says to me that he isn’t taking the money and just quitting and he isn’t doing steroids. The fact that they haven’t given a reason says that it is most likely something personal and is Coffee’s business and not ours.

  48. By Brian on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    and the fact that he has been through training camp so far says that it is probably something that just came up which further points personal/family problems.

  49. By devin on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply


  50. By Matt on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    I just heard about what Glenn is doing and i don’t understand why. I mean if you was going to retire this early in your pro career why did you even enter the draft then? Things was going wrong for us before singletary came into the picture and now that he’s here and actually doing a good job with us, one of our best RB’s is going to call it quits! I’m probably just being selfish i don’t know. I’m just so very shocked about all this. Dixon…you’re going to have to step up NOW and help GORE out brother. WHAT’S NEXT?

  51. By Matt on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    For all you people who are chanting for the niners to go get Westbrook give it up…ur just wasting ur time. The niners don’t know how to pickup good free agents when they see them!!!! And i feel so bad saying that because i’m a 49ers fan till the day i die. We probably won’t see the super bowl for another 16-17 years!

  52. By James on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    Its a real shame he is making this decision.It must be a real important reason to retire.There are others out there that should be in the NFL and didn’t make the cut.His decision to retire really upsets me.The man is very gifted and I feel he wasted the 49ers time this early off season. Those that says give him more money I disagree with you .If anything he shouldn’t get payed at all!!!! I think that Westbrook would be a great idea .

  53. By alex on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    Bad day today but gotta respect his decision. We want players who want to be there. I say we go over a vet. I bet the Redskins cut Fast Willie. We should get him since we dont really need a player who is going to play a lot. I think Dixon can fill and Gore shouild be able to carry the rock this year. I still think we are the team to beat this year in this division. he was a backup he rushed for 2.7 yards a carry. Dixon should be able to make that up. If gore goes down we will just throw it more.

  54. By Matt on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply


  55. By MithrandirSJ on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    No offense to Glen, but……heh…I never thought he was up to snuff. So, no big loss…Robinson is more diversified as a player anyways.

  56. By marco on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    glen coffee tried his hardest to help the niners out.and we should respect for all the people saying he did steroids,stop being idiots and start acting like niner fans. he was a great football player,so stop hateing on him.i
    wish u the best coffee.49ERS R SUPER BOWL BOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. By Gary Paul on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    I wish Glenn the best with his new career. Hopefully, it wasn’t coach Singletary’s discipline that effected him and his decision to retire.
    Finally, the idiot LD and his Cowboys dung should have been deleted from this class act 49er site before submited. Freedom of speech does not apply here. Hopefully, they continue to self destruct this season. If I desire garbage, I’ll go to their web site.
    Obviously, many who responded at the above flunked English and need to take some refresher courses unless they had one too many! I had difficulty trying to interpret some of the above submited comments! Go Niners and as Coach Mike recently stated.”Our team will play and be physical, tough and strong, relentless, disciplined, and play smart.

  58. By jeromy on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply


  59. By Michael Rivas on Aug 13, 2010 | Reply

    Kory Sheets was the guy we cut last year who is now playing for the Fins…sucks wish we could get that youngster back

  60. By Brian boogie on Aug 14, 2010 | Reply

    If they do decide to get Westbrook guys, he has to be willing to take a pay cut because he is not reliable and had mutiple concussions. I personally would invest in another running back in the next draft. Westbrook is unreliable and injury prone for the last 3 seasons. I think as long as our line protects Gore and Anthony Dixon shows us something for the preseason that he can move the ball given good protection. We will survive. After all, Coffee was not a big impact on our move to the playoffs. May God be with you Glen, and whatever you are going through we love you bro. and you still have our moral support.

  61. By Jake on Aug 14, 2010 | Reply

    Coffee gone! Fine! lets say our thanks and say goodbye. Now lets move on! get back to work and push this team to the Playoffs!! We have a good team
    and I feel real good about this season! Alot of people will be very surprised
    this season. We lost alot of games last season by very few points and bad
    luck! Not this year! 9ers will make it to the Playoffs!! We have a Damn good Hard hiting football team! You guys mark my words!! The red and Gold will
    shine in the sun Again!! We will be the team to beat this year!! I feel VERY!
    strong about that. 49ERS! will shock the NFL!!! Now come on 9ER fans!!!!!!
    back this team up 200%!!! 49ers!! For Life…..See you in Dallas,Tx!!

  62. By Patrick Chavez on Aug 14, 2010 | Reply

    Brian Westbrook would be a wonderful attribute to the 9ers predictions of playing smash mouth offensive football. Looking in the Free agency, there are a number of available players with recognizable names that still have not signed with teams or that are available for trades. RB Chris Brown from the Houston Texans showed promise when Steve Slayton went down during last season. Ahman Green from the Greenbay Packers if he would take the pay cut to run behind Gore would be a great addition. Or Jamal Lewis a veteran running back to give poise and knowledge to our young rookie running back Dixon. All could be the key for the 9ers to build some talent into this run oriented offense that Mike would love to have. With the new line named with the two starting rookies we picked up this draft, there should be more then enough room to run our opposing defense’s into the ground and hit Crabtree, Davis, Guinn for the extra yards we need to push us farther into the playoff’s as predicted.

  63. By adam on Aug 14, 2010 | Reply


  64. By AlexM32 on Aug 14, 2010 | Reply

    richard- the guy they cut for Coffee was Korey Sheets and I also liked him lol

  65. By NorCalDave on Aug 14, 2010 | Reply

    The writing was on the wall for Coffee; Dixon was the big back that was needed and what Coach Singletary wanted. Dixon was going to get the snaps in place of Coffee, so rather than take a backseat and his agent could not find another team to go to, he retires.

  66. By NorCalDave on Aug 14, 2010 | Reply

    Sheets was okay but even slower and less versatile than Robinson, Coffee was the faster back but smallish, as was Sheets. Dixon is big and fast and powerful… can you say newest short yardage weapon for our SF 9ers?
    Oh Yeah!!!!
    GO 9ERS!!!!

  67. By 49erSINCEbirth on Aug 14, 2010 | Reply

    what’s done is done. remember, ALL THINGS HAPPEN FOR A REASON. I really wish Coffee would stay a 49er, boo hoo. On the bright side, Anthony Dixon is a BEAST!! I have a feeling and I hope that Dixon is gonna be around for a long time, This will give him a better chance to work on his skills and get better. Dixon and Gore could be the most feared double threat in the NFC. They just gotta stay hungry.

    Anthony Dixon is a BEAST, where can I get his jersey?

  68. By Smokee on Aug 14, 2010 | Reply

    Why do people feel that it’s ok to bad mouth someone because you don’t like there decision? If this man want to quit than there is no skin off your back or his back. Some time we as people can be so stupid about the dumb things of life. I say God bless him and his family. For all the “Hater” Let someone tell you how stupid you r for quieting your job or moving on to what YOU may feel is best for you, Now that would be stupid and dumb. Back off people. It’s JUST A GAME>>>GAMEDAY HELLO!!!!! NO IM not bad mouthing I’m stating fact. Again I say God bless you Mr. Coffee and I hope this isn’t the end you the football thing for you but perhaps later… Come on people it’s his life not yours, don’t be so rude and for the people that will to bad about me. I SAY YO MOMMA…lol
    God Bless all Gods people.

  69. By Leo on Aug 14, 2010 | Reply

    Buena suerte mi amigo Coffee
    Dios te bendigas.

  70. By Anthony Romero on Aug 14, 2010 | Reply

    Westbrook ALL DAY The EAGLES destroyed us with that weapon he will open up the hole gaps open field etc,

  71. By Frankie on Aug 14, 2010 | Reply

    Coffee is a good kid. I can respect his decision bc he didn’t take us through the motions. Obviously his heart isn’t in it and we need players that’s hungry to compete, hungry to win.. I’ve watched Dixon play quite a few times and the kid has great agility for a big man. He has a combination of power, quickness, and a good bit of speed. I think he’ll be a good fit…. Either way, 9ers will be playing in Dallas come Feb 2011. LETS GET IT 9ERS!!!!!!!!

  72. By cory woods on Aug 14, 2010 | Reply

    Lets go Dixon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO NINERS!!!!!!

  73. By Frank Owens on Aug 14, 2010 | Reply

    I have known this kid from his high school days at Fort Walton Beach and he is a winner. He is also a good man. Money does not rule true Christians and he has not let it rule him. Glenn has made a decision that will carry him into a much higher calling. My son was a punter that played against him; first time I realized how great Glenn Coffee really was when he returned Jarrods 52 yard punt for a touch down catching it on his own 8 yard line. If he can transfer this passion and desire on the field to helping others he will find a much better place waiting on him in the after life. Good Luck to you Glenn Coffee and God will bless you and your family.

  74. By Mr.MARVINTYRONE ANDERSON on Aug 14, 2010 | Reply

    It can be of one of three reason why the 49ers lost a quality running back at the age 23…
    (1). As a NCAA player his associations is haunting him. What is Mr. Bush is up to these days?
    (2). A member of 49ers organization did something that was way – way unappropriate toward him. Instead of requesting for a trade or solve the issue. Knowing his demands will be ignored. knowing that he can not sit out and lose a lot of money for breach of contract. Knowing that a trade is out of the question.
    (3). He’s a HETEROSEXUAL black male in San Francisco,CA.

  75. By jose on Aug 14, 2010 | Reply

    I just heard that kj is coming to town, He looks great and should have played last year if it was not for the bum coaches from detroit, that wanted him out, thats alright< kj will win a title with the niners, and get his revenge, He looked great in phonex when i watched training in the mountains, he has fresh legs and ready to help

  76. By Chris Sinclair on Aug 14, 2010 | Reply

    Its sad to see Coffee go he was a good back up to Gore. But he has to do what he has to do I dont But I dont think anyone should be mad at him, if you are your being selfish. We dont know his reasoning. We will do fine with or without him we will win the division and make the playoffs for the first time in a long time

  77. By sean on Aug 14, 2010 | Reply

    give him more money??????? are u kidding me?? he had 1 TD, and maybe 300 yards rushing. i dont care what he wants to do with his life, i dont care. westbrook is injury prone but as a back-up,it might be ok. i still like michael robinson too. versatile and a good pass blocker for a RB.

  78. By Alex Leal,Jr. on Aug 14, 2010 | Reply

    Anyone who would call this young man a loser, is an idiot, and does not know the first thing about being a man, or a winner. From what I understand, he has lost the desire to play, and wants to enter the Ministery. It cannot be easy to turn your back on all that money, for a life serving what you truly believe in, but carries with it no monetary reward. I wish I could be that passionate about anything. I wish him nothing but the best, and may he find peace in whatever he decides to to with his life.

  79. By michael on Aug 14, 2010 | Reply

    wow u people are idiots. want to know why he retured? cuz of god. and he is going back to school to get his degree.

  80. By michael on Aug 14, 2010 | Reply

    no dixon was not gonna get more snaps then coffee. dixon is a rookie. coffee was the clear #2 guy

  81. By michael on Aug 14, 2010 | Reply

    u guys do know kory sheets is on ir

  82. By armando on Aug 14, 2010 | Reply

    to all u cowboys and raider fans recognize da niners are back better and stronger mike keep up da good work take us to da bowl i wanna see u holding da lombardi trophy

  83. By Brodie7_0 on Aug 14, 2010 | Reply

    Go with God John Coffee oops wrong guy, anyway I hope you do well in your life, maybe go join Napolen Kaufmans Parish and form the NFL retired running backs ministry, all kidding aside I wish him well. Go niners!!!!!!

  84. By cali niner on Aug 14, 2010 | Reply

    Glen Coffee came and went it sucks I know, but we have a whole new season to show all the other teams that we came to play!! this is our season, with Coffe, cream or sugar, it doesn’t matter, LETS DO THIS!! Niner for life!!!

  85. By mtatum on Aug 14, 2010 | Reply

    let the pass go and start a new day coffee is young and has a newfuture let the game continue with a new cup of coffee!!!

  86. By MS Niner Fan on Aug 14, 2010 | Reply

    There’s only one problem with picking up Wesbrook. He’s not as big or as fast as Anthony Dixon. You watch. I bet Dixon is one of the key parts to a 49′er resurgance.

  87. By chris hosey on Aug 14, 2010 | Reply

    wow glenn thats cold u couldve let them know a lil sooner

  88. By James R on Aug 14, 2010 | Reply

    Dixon may be a rookie, but I would still prefer him over Coffee. Dixon has the ability to get that tough extra yard or to punch it into the end zone. Coffee didn’t have that ability.

  89. By Jeremy on Aug 14, 2010 | Reply

    Man whats up with all you fake 49er fans that are doggin Coffee?!
    49ers are a family! He was part of that family! He did all he could when he was here and now he will do all he can in whatever his new choices are! U really think that was easy for him? We are about to win a superbowl and he had to leave! Poor Coffee! GOOOOOOO Niners! This is the year!

  90. By Gary on Aug 14, 2010 | Reply

    GO GET BRIAN WESTBROOK!!!!!!! he cando everything well. he would be a huge upgrade for a third down back. please 9ers dont let this guy go

  91. By Big Pudge on Aug 14, 2010 | Reply

    Glen, I wish more people could understand the decision that you have made. Treasures on earth are just vanity, but the treasures that are stored up in Heaven are eternal. Thank you for taking a stand for Christ. I enjoy football just as much as anybody else, I even watched preseason games this week for all four quarters. It was tough, but I had missed the game. BUT NOTHING is more important than a relationship with Jesus Christ. I wish some of the authors of previous posts could understand. Glen, don’t listen to what ANYONE has to say. The only One that matters, I’m sure, is well pleased. His is the ONLY opinion that matters. May God bless you, and keep you, and make His face to shine upon you! Amen!

  92. By Alberto on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    Pllaying pro football is every kids dream from the time they touch the ball in little league. I believe Glenn Coffee wanted to play for the 49ers but his true calling was ministry and I respect him for that. It’s a real man who truly loves the Lord to put all your trust in Him. Coffee my prayers are with you and I will miss you playing with the 49ers but Gods work needs to be done. Be blessed

  93. By East Coast Niner on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    His heart wasn’t in it???? Come on now. His heart wasn’t in it??? That statement dose not even make sense. He probably played football his whole life and he waits until he makes it to the highest level and then decides his heart isn’t in it. You quit in little league when your heart isn’t in it!!! How many players have you heard of retire after one year. I know people who have died trying to get to the NFL.
    Family issues???? I’m sure no matter whats wrong with his family they would tell him don’t worry about us you just stay in the NFL and keep bringing home that money!!!! I mean who just decides one day that they don’t want to be a millionaire anymore. You add 17 lbs of muscle just to quit weeks later??? There is definitely something strange and fishy about that.

  94. By East Coast Niner on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    I mean Ricky Williams was different he was smoked out, and at least he played four or five years before he quit. I love the Niners I have faith in all there players, but I was hurt when I found out about this. It just dose not make logical sense. Well he can surely be replaced so go NINERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. By chito on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    i thnk we should get westbrook. wat happens if gore gets hart i dont think we are going to hav a good year in the running gang wit dixon or michael. be smart nd get westbrook. come on 49ers listen to wat these people r saying for once they hav some good ideas trust me.

  96. By East Coast Niner on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    You can be a minister and still play football. Reggie White did it for years.

  97. By East Coast Niner on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    I mean Glen Coffee wasn’t a big guy so he had to work extra hard to get were he was at so how could you work that hard for all those years if your heart wasn’t in it!!!!!!!!!! Just imagine how good he could’ve been if his heart was in it. God and college will still be around after a full career in the NFL is over. Wow Glen wow!!!!!!

  98. By ernest on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    bring in brian westbrook he is still a free agent right now…

  99. By ernest on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    keep michael robinson at fullback and bring in brain westbrook. a veteran like that can help out dixon on running back. you know give him a few pointer…

  100. By ernest on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    go niners…

  101. By Frisco on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    There’s a reason Westbrook hasn’t signed yet!!!! HE’S WASHED-UP…i.e DONE!!!
    Everybody on here screaming for Westbrook either, A. aren’t Niner fans or B. don’t know anything about football! The Niners already have a positive influence for Dixon in Gore!!!! Kory Sheets is that RB that balled last preseason and was let go!!! I was also mad the Niners let him go last year [he should have stayed over Robinson] but he just suffered a season ending injury with the Dolphins! I was glad to see Blount take his baggage to Tenn!!!


  102. By Dennis on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    Tick, tock, tick, tock!!!! Time is ticking and I believe the Rams are very interested in Westbrook, saying he might sign Monday! We need to SNAG Him quick! He would be a nice addition and complement to the team!!!!! Come on Management, We are ALL counting on you!!!! Grab WESTBROOK!!!! Our team would be Completely sewed up if you made this happen!!!!!! GO NINERS……………………….

  103. By doug on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    Ok well the bible is full of stroies about having to fullfill commitments even when you dont feel like it. God is about honering your word ie contracts. This boy needs some good mentoring…..somebady fly Tony Dungee in quick to have a real life talk with this guy……….The 49ers should do a better job of life counsleing this kid

  104. By kathy on Aug 15, 2010 | Reply

    We do not need westbrook, look at todays game, victory with Dixon 100 yards rushing wow now lets give dave carr the starting quarterback position sorry alex smith only 3 for 9 in a pre season my grandmother could of thrown for that

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