Abdali - An Overview
Business, Living and Leisure
The Abdali Urban Regeneration Project is a unique endeavor in smart urban planning where business, living and leisure smoothly intertwine to create a model of modernization in the Kingdom and the region.

Valued at more than US $5 Billion, the Abdali project is expected to start welcoming visitors by 2010. Once completed, it will create a new visible centre for Amman and act as the major business district for this ever-thriving city. Amman’s new downtown that Abdali Psc is creating will cater to the needs of thousands of Jordanians and foreigners who choose Jordan as their living and investment destination.

Built on a total land area of approximately 384,000 m2 with a built up area over 1.7 Million m2.

The Abdali downtown will offer the following spaces:

Abdali Phase 1

Abdali Phase 2

Abdali Overall Project
Abdali, a meticulously planned mixed-use development, serviced by state-of-the-art infrastructure, technology and security, will also be accessible via a thoughtfully structured network of roads and intersections that guarantee smooth traffic flow from and into the new downtown.
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