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Woman wakes up to find intruder in her bed

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Kelly Dodson Kelly Dodson
Antoine Dodson, victim's brother Antoine Dodson, victim's brother

By Elizabeth Gentle - bio | email

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Huntsville police are searching for a man who broke into a home and got into bed with a woman.

Police say it happened about 3:10 Wednesday morning on the 500 block of Webster Street.

Kelly Dodson woke up to find a stranger in her bed.  Her brother heard her scream.

Antoine Dodson rushed to help and struggled with the man who got away through a window.

"Seeing my sister when I walked in, he had his hands around her neck. First thing I did was pull him off her," said Antoine.

Kelly and Antoine said the suspect left behind his shirt and fingerprints.

A crime scene investigator photographed and dusted for prints on the lid of the garbage can and the window pane and ledge.

Dodson says he's never seen the suspect before but sends this warning to whoever is responsible.

"You don't have to confess you did it. We are looking for you. We gonna find you. I'm letting you know now so you can run and tell that homeboy," said Antoine.

No one was injured in the incident.

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Woman wakes up to find intruder in her bed

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