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Company profile

BG Group rigA leading player in the global energy market, BG Group is a dynamic growing business with operations in more than 25 countries over five continents.

While our headquarters are in United Kingdom (UK), over 60% of the talented professionals who make up the BG team are located outside the UK.

We have a proud history in all aspects of the energy sector, particularly natural gas, where we have experience across the entire gas chain – from exploration to delivery to the consumer.

BG Group is a publicly listed company on the London Stock Exchange and is also listed on the US over-the-counter market known as “International OTCQX”.

Our business strategy

Our focus is on understanding, building and supplying natural gas markets around the world. We operate in four key business sectors – Exploration and Production, Liquefied Natural Gas, Transmission and Distribution, Power.

Our high performing Exploration and Production business remains the centre of gravity of our activities. The increasingly opportunity-rich Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) segment, together with Transmission and Distribution and Power form our downstream activities and give us the complete range of skills across the gas chain.

Our Other activities leverage our key capabilities in areas of focus such as natural gas vehicles and domestic combined heat and power.

  BG Group snapshot  
Revenue & other operating income
£10 363m
£12 602m
£8 330m
Total operating profit (a)
£4 211m
£5 355m
£3 248m
Earnings, excluding disposals & re-measurements*
£2 263m
£3 068m
£1 783m
Earnings per share, excluding disposals & re-measurements*
Earnings, including disposals & re-measurements
£2 168m
£3 127m
£1 746m
Cash generated by operations
£4 895m
£6 274m
£3 691m
Capital investment
£5 205m
£5 444m
£2 497m
Net funds/(borrowings)
-£2 956m
Net assets
£14 385m
£12 884m
£7 357m
Employees: As at 31 December 2009, BG Group employed a total of 
6 191 people, the large majority of whom work outside the UK.
*See presentation of non-GAAP measures, page 135 of Annual Report 2008.

(a)Includes the Group's share of pre-tax operating profits in joint ventures and associates.



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