When you fire up a Tales of Monkey Island title, you pretty much know exactly what you're going to get, a bubbly, clutzy yet hysterical character named Guybrush Threepwood ready to take you on the journey of a lifetime. Episode 2 picks up right where the first one left off, Elaine sailing off into the distance with LeChuck as Guybrush prepares for a sword fight with a mysterious figure.
For the sake of keeping that tidbit a mystery, we'll simply say that beginning of "The Siege of Spinner Cay" doesn't make you dangle on the edge of a plank for very long, jumping right into the action. Point and click your way around the Screaming Narwharl to figure out just how to escape the battle -- getting Guybrush's head in tact. After all, you might need it for the rest of the game, right?


Travel along with the pirate Guybrush to meet new characters and engage in side-splitting dialogue, always making the protagonist a little mentally slow compared to his peers. The mini games involved and detailed graphics really work this time around, making the campaign mode fun for hours on end. Accidently, Guybrush causes an intense case of voodoo box to swarm the area, potentially turning Caribbean pirates into zombie-like monsters. What ever will you do?
Knowing this is a five-part series in the back of your mind allows you to understand a serious dosage of shenanigans is going to go on and spill over into Episode 3. Gamers will be mentally guessing about what that predicament could be, but until, you'll sit patiently in your chair with fat ol' grin on your face, because the interaction between characters is simple too priceless. The plotline is unbelievably far-fetched but like all things with Monkey Island games, it's accepted and trusted.
You'll follow many of the same types of steps and gameplay you found in Episode 1, so for the sake of not spoiling much of the storyline, just download it and get going. You'll have hours of gameplay and more fun in this one than the first. It moves along quickly, assuming you don't click on every little detail in the game in confusion. Sometimes it definitely can happen, but use your head and you'll be just fine. The graphics will suck you in and the audio is lovable too.
GamePro Score: 4.0
Pros: Hilarious commentary/interaction, detailed graphics, fun gameplay all-game long
Cons: Isn't much different from Episode 1 in parts, sound is spotty in spurts
The Info -- Platform: PC, WiiWare, Creator/Publisher: Telltale Games, ESRB: E, Price: $34.95
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