New Zealand Embassy Buenos Aires, Argentina

New Zealand and Argentina

New Zealand and Argentina enjoy an amicable and cooperative relationship. The relationship has broadened since the reopening of the Argentine Embassy in Wellington in 1997 and the establishment of a New Zealand Embassy in Buenos Aires the following year. Student exchanges, parliamentary and Ministerial visits, and most recently the visit of the New Zealand Prime Minister in November 2001 have contributed to better people-to-people links and fostered the relationship between the two governments.

Trade Relationship

From a very small base (around US$3.9 million in 1985), the trade between New Zealand and Argentina has been steadily growing. A SPS memorandum of Understanding, facilitating market access for agricultural trade of live animals and plants and animal and plant products was signed in June 1999.


Agriculture is important to both New Zealand and Argentina. Both countries are large exporters of agricultural products and are committed to open unsubsidised agricultural trade. The New Zealand Minister for Trade Negotiations, along with a business delegation, visited Argentina in early August 2001 promoting New Zealand expertise in agriculture. New Zealand exporters of telecommunications equipment are also increasingly active in the Argentine market.

The World

The two countries cooperate in several multilateral fora, including the Cairns Group, the Valdivia Group and on high seas fisheries matters. Both countries are parties to the Antarctic Treaty and signed a bilateral agreement on Antarctic cooperation in mid 1996. New Zealand was a consistent supporter during Argentina’s campaign to be the permanent base for the Antarctic Secretariat.