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Ballarat West Local Structure Plan

Over the next 30-50 years the population is expected to grow considerably. Ballarat's existing urban area cannot cater for this projected growth, therefore the city will need to expand to ensure residents have somewhere to live, work and play. Land to the west and south of Alfredton and Delacombe and south-west of Sebastopol has been identified as the least constrained for urban development, and is therefore the most appropriate location for expanding the city and housing population growth. This area is known as Ballarat West.

To manage future growth and provide for new residential and commercial opportunities in this area, Council has undertaken an investigation of the existing urban and rural areas of Ballarat West. This investigation led to the preparation of the Ballarat West Local Structure Plan, which has been re-titled to the Ballarat West Growth Area Plan to better reflect the document's broader strategic nature.

The Plan aims to cater for Ballarat's growth beyond 2030. Ballarat West is primarily a residential growth area which will provide for over 14,000 new households and accommodate a population of 35,000 to 40,000 people.

As part of planning for the growth area, the Plan recommends the creation of five distinct residential areas, being Alfredton, Alfredton West, Delacombe North, Delacombe South and Sebastopol. It provides direction for the development of the future community, including new town centres at Alfredton and Delacombe, community infrastructure, and recreation and sports grounds.

The Plan examines the needs of the future population and makes recommendations on the future requirements for provision of transport and transport infrastructure, social services and social infrastructure, public open space and recreation requirements, and retail/commercial opportunities. It seeks to create future communities which will be liveable, viable, attractive and sustainable.

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Ballarat West Local Structure Plan