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YouTube turns Dodson outburst into Auto-Tune hit

By Channel 4 News

Updated on 15 August 2010

When some musical pranksters turned the rant of a man whose sister had been attacked into a YouTube hit, it led to an unlikely collaboration, as Stephanie West reports.

Autotune YouTube hit for the Gregory Brothers

24-year-old Antoine Dodson, from Alabama, has ended up with a hit record after his emotional outburst on a local news report was set to music and posted on the internet.

Mr Dodson made his dramatic comments after his sister was attacked in her own bed in the town of Huntsville.

But the footage was seized on by musicians The Gregory Brothers, who regularly parody news events.

By last week the result had scored 30 million internet hits and had gone to number 35 on iTunes. And it has led to an unlikely collaboration between Mr Dodson and spoofsters.

After an intruder broke into the Dodson family home in Huntsville, Alabama, the local news station covered the story.

An emotional outbrust from Antoine Dodson, who had helped his sister fight off the attacker, provoked a dramatic response.

The footage was taken by The Gregory Brothers, who have enjoyed internet success by auto-tuning words broadcast on the news and setting them to music.

They posted the results on YouTube, and it became an instant viral success. Antoine and The Gregory Brothers got together to launch the single on iTunes. Dodson now has his own website.

As for The Gregory Brothers (whose other spoof victims include UK MEP Nigel Farrage and his attack on European Council President Herman Van Rompuy), they are now eyeing up a deal with Comedy Central

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