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From the Expanded Universe

Willy, the more common nickname of the Ewok also named Widdle, and is the second eldest of Deej Warrick's children. He is a plump Ewok, with a single-mindedness dominated by his appetite. He is curious, but doesn't possess the sharpest wit. As such, he is often the butt of jokes among other younger Ewoks. He and his older brother Weechee would often bicker and wrestle

Weechee was very competitive, and participated in rafting races with fellow Ewoks regularly. Willy, wanting to be helpful, volunteered to be Weechee's rafting partner, but Weechee refused, knowing that the cave stretch of the rafting run would be too terrifying for Willy. This undermined Willy's shaky confidence -- it wasn't the first time he'd been accused of cowardice -- but while wandering the woods, he came across a charmed gem said to grant Ewoks great courage. When Weechee didn't return from the race, Willy set out to find him, bolstered by the effect of the gem. Willy braved the dark cave, cold waters and slick rocks and eventually found Weechee. When he returned back to the village, he found that he had lost the gem during the adventure, and in truth, it was his own bravery that saved Weechee.

Some time later, Willy accompanied his father and brothers in a caravan of Ewoks that set out to find the missing parents of the humans Mace and Cindel Towani. Widdle helped defeat the evil Gorax that imprisoned Mace and Cindel's parents.

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