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Experience Music Project

  • Address: 5th Ave. between Broad and Thomas Sts., Queen Anne, Seattle, WA | Map It
  • Phone: 206/367-5483
  • www.emplive.org

Fodor's Review:

Seattle's most controversial architectural statement is the 140,000-square-foot interactive museum celebrating American popular music. Architect Frank Gehry drew inspiration from electric guitars to achieve the building's curvy design, though it looks more like open-heart surgery than a musical instrument. Regardless, it stands out among the city's cookie-cutter high-rises and therefore it's a fitting backdrop for the world's largest collection of Jimi Hendrix memorabilia, which is flanked by a gallery of guitars once owned by Bob Dylan, Hank Williams, Kurt Cobain, and the bands Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and the Kingsmen. Experiment with instruments and recording equipment in the interactive Sound Lab, or attend performances or workshops in the Sky Church concert hall, JBL Theater, or Liquid Lounge bar.

  • Cost: $19.95
  • Open: May 25-Sept. 3, Mon. and Wed.-Sun. 10-5; rest of yr, daily 10-8
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