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Aug 13/10: The Pentagon announced a firm-fixed-price contract for 2,526 M1152A1 HMMWVs with area troop enclosures and the B2 up-armoring kit [PDF], on behalf of the Afghan police force and Afghan National Guard. The estimated face value is $619 million, the current equivalent of AFA 28.3 billion. Work is to be performed in South Bend, IN with an estimated completion date of Dec 31/13. One bid was solicited with one bid received by the US Army TACOM in Warren, MI (W56HZV-10-C-0405).

Afghan forces already use up-armored Humvees, but the scale of this order is worth noting. This is not technically an American HMMV order, and so it is not included in our coverage of US military orders in 2009-2010. On the other hand, if financed by the Afghan government, this order would represent about 85% of Afghanistan’s 2009/10 security budget all by itself, and about 41% of all domestic revenue, per the Ministry of Finance’s 2008-13 strategic plan [PDF].

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