These tools allow you to approximately calculate your impact upon the earth and explain the implications.

    Ecological & Carbon Footprint Calculators

  1. Redefining Progress’ Ecological Footprint Calculator - The Ecological Footprint Quiz estimates the area of land and ocean required to support your consumption of food, goods, services, housing, and energy and assimilate your wastes.  Your footprint is expressed in units of land area.  How many Planet Earths would it take for everyone to live like you do?

  1. Colorado Carbon Fund’s Carbon Footprint Calculator - Calculate your greenhouse gas emissions.

  1. Sopris Foundation Carbon Footprint Counter - The Sopris Foundation’s informational card, describing the greenhouse gas emissions associated with some of your day-to-day activities.

    Energy Calculators

  1. The City of Aspen’s Canary Initiative’s Energy Tracker - A comprehensive spreadsheet to calculate your energy use and carbon emissions.

  1. WattzOn Calculator - A free online tool to quantify, track, compare and understand the total amount of energy needed to support all of the facets of your lifestyle with the goal of helping you find ways to reduce your personal power consumption.  It’s an ecological footprint calculator measured in energy.

  1. Xcel Energy’s InfoSmart - Online calculators to help you figure out how much you might save by replacing current components in your house with new energy efficient retrofits.  Covers refrigerators, clothes washers, clothes dryers, water heaters, air conditioning, adjusting your thermostat, lighting, and shifting your electricity use to off-peak hours.

    Solar Potential Calculators

  1. NREL’s Solar Electric Performance Calculators - These tools allow you to calculate how much energy will be produced by photovoltaic solar panels in a geographical area. It takes into account the amount of sun in the area and average electric rates.

  1. Roof Ray - Roof Ray uses Google maps to calculate the solar potential of your own roof.



  1. The Profitability of Energy Efficiency Upgrades - See how making efficiency improvements will pay you back.

  1. “How Eight Homeowners Save Over $12,275 on Energy” by This Old House Magazine

  1. The master Return-On-Investment (ROI) guide from - a list of the potential monetary savings you can reap from the most common efficiency upgrades.  Click on each item to see how they calculated the ROI.