Kentucky college receives big recognition
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Updated: 6:05 PM Aug 17, 2010
Kentucky college receives big recognition
One small eastern Kentucky college receives some big recognition.
Posted: 6:05 PM Aug 17, 2010

Kentucky college receives big recognition - Melissa Etezadi Reports
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One small eastern Kentucky college receives some big recognition.

Alice Lloyd College in Pippa Passes was named one of the top regional colleges in the south.

In a survey conducted by US News and World Report on the best colleges in the United States, eastern Kentucky’s very own Alice Lloyd College was recognized as the 35th best regional college in the south.

Jim Stepp says, “Alice Lloyd College has a strong commitment to this region. Our mission is to target young people from Appalachia who have ability and character, the willingness to work and help provide them a quality education at little to no cost.”

From being honored as a great value college for their academic quality and alumni support, to ranking number one in the south for graduates with the least debt, Alice Lloyd received multiple recognitions.

Stepp says, “We have wonderful students. 95 percent of our graduates are accepted into professional schools, medical schools, we're just seeing some very exciting things happen on campus.”

Stepp says by producing quality graduates, they will in turn positively impact the region.

“We think it's important for the people of Appalachia, because 83 percent of graduates return to the Appalachian region to serve as leaders,” says Jim Stepp.

Teachers, staff and even students say these honors were a long time coming.

Tiffany Owens says, “That doesn't surprise me. Alice Lloyd is an outstanding school. You get a quality education at an affordable price, and you just can't beat it.”

When asked about possible plans to expand their campus or departments, Stepp says "they just want to do what they do, and do it better."

The University of the Cumberlands was ranked 60th in the best regional colleges in the south.

Other Kentucky schools were also mentioned in the article.

Latest Comments

Posted by: Jack Location: Harlan poor house on Aug 17, 2010 at 11:30 PM

This u.s. news thing means next to nothing...ever two bit school in the state claims to be something or other according to I know some who went to alice lloyd and they sure as heck don't impress me, I sure don't know of any of them lauching any rockets.
Posted by: Gordon Location: Topmost on Aug 17, 2010 at 10:11 PM

Way to go ALC. In 1959 I had the opportunity to attend that school when it was still Caney Junior College, for the cost of books alone. But ole Gordon thought he was already amart enough and didn't need no more book larnin' I have mentally kicked my own butt thousands of times for not going there. I have always thought it was one of the best colleges in the nation, bar none.

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