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Pakistan floods

Up to six million of those affected by devastating floods - caused by the heaviest monsoon rains in living memory - are children. We’ve launched a £6.3 million fundraising appeal to help them.

Photogallery: Our mobile health teams deliver emergency medical supplies to inaccessible areas of Allai Valley in the Batagram district. We are reaching thousands of families with medical care, shelter, hygiene kits, and supplies.
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Video: Travel is extremely hazardous, not least because of landslides, like the one featured in this video, which have blocked road transport. With helicopter flights in short supply due to poor weather, our only option is to bring in aid on mule trains, trekking thousands of feet up into the mountains. But we are getting aid through to children who desperately need our help

The floods in Pakistan have affected more than 14 million people, including at least six million children who are becoming increasingly vulnerable to malnutrition and life threatening diseases.

Some areas have suffered the highest recorded rainfall since 1929. Rushing water has destroyed crops, roads and bridges and washed away thousands of homes, local businesses and schools.

Our assessment team reports that nearly 90% of the bridges in affected areas have been washed away. Lack of clean water, food and shelter as well as the risk of disease outbreaks are major concerns.

“Communities have no access to clean water or sanitation facilities,” said Matt Wingate, Save the Children UK’s Emergency Response leader.

“Some people are starting to drink contaminated water, which will only increase the likelihood of waterborne illnesses like diarrhoea. Doctors are seeing many cases of respiratory illness and diarrhoea. If these illnesses are not treated promptly, they can be life-threatening to babies and young children."

There are chances of further flooding as more rains are expected over the coming days and weeks.

What we’re doing

  • We're one of the only aid agencies able to reach some of the remote northernmost parts of the Swat Valley, despite the challenges in trying to reach children and families with supplies and health care.
  • We're using helicopters, donkeys and boats to deliver doctors and medical supplies to families cut off by the water.
  • We've sent a medical team and medicines in on donkeys in Allai due to blocked roads and airlifted a team to Kund to supply urgent medical care to a village which is completely been cut off because of a collapsed bridge.
  • We've treated thousands of patients already as well as distributing shelter kits, including tarpaulins, jerry cans and plastic glasses, to flood-affected families. 

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