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Installing the IPX network protocol on the Macintosh

This protocol is supported in Mac OS 9.2.2 and earlier. Diablo II and Lord of Destruction do not support the IPX protocol.

IPX Software Compatibility and Updates:
IPX is a proprietary networking protocol created by Novell. As such the IPX client software, Mac IPX, is produced and distributed by Novell. To ensure you have the most recent version of the Mac IPX software available you should look for updates to the Mac IPX software on Novell's web site. At the time this FAQ was last updated, the most recent Mac IPX files on Novell's ftp site were:

- Clt511.hqx - this is a full client distribution.
- MCLUPD6A.hqx - this is an update for the Clt511.hqx update.

Since these files move to different directories on the Novell site periodically, your best option is to search the Novell web site for these files. Once you have the files and you have decompressed them, review the "Read Me" files and installation instructions included in each download.

Use the following steps as a list of things to do to configure MacIPX for use with our games. This has to be done each time the computer is started.

- Before you start a game, open the MacIPX control panel.
- Click on the AppelTalk Icon in the MacIPX window once.
- You may receive an error message about an IPX gateway that can't be found, ignore it.
- When the message box appears click OK.
- Click once on the Ethernet Icon in the MacIPX control panel.
- Wait a few seconds for the driver to load.
- Double Click on the Ethernet Icon in the MacIPX window, a window appears.
- Turn off the AutoConfigure frame type option check box.
- Choose Frame Type 802.3 check box
- Close the MacIPX control panel.

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