PlaneCam: Bill's RV

The Completed RV-6a!

The workshop. Okay, it's a garage.

A shipment of plane stuff arrives in the driveway.

A wing under construction.

Completed wing, stowed above to make room for the fuselage.

The webcam setup, a 486/100 running Linux. This system dials in daily with the
newest photos.
(Inset, the Connectix Color QuickCam 2.)

How would you decorate your garage if you were building an aircraft in it?

March 2003
Here's more about Bill, from the SIRTF website.

Update: January 2003
Click here to see a recent landing as viewed from the cockpit.

Click here for access to the complete archive of PlaneCam photos from April 16, 1998 to March 5, 2000.

Update: June 2002
As Promised, here's a shot of the completed RV-6a.

Update: April 2002
Bill and Kathi are flying regularly. The paint was recently completed--it's beautiful. Pictures to come (maybe). Don't miss the first flight video.

Update: July 21, 2001
COMPLETE! The plane is finished, except for paint. First flight was a smashing success and lasted about 25 minutes. Here's the video. You can also check out some photos of the finished aircraft at the Irace family scrapbook.

Update: March 2000
Installation of instruments is nearly complete. Wiring of aft fuselage is complete. We're awaiting delivery of the engine and propeller on the first of May.

Update: November 1999
Bill has completed all of the airframe parts and is now mating the tail pieces to the fuselage. Next step is to install all of the instruments! Most have been purchased and are ready to go.

A time lapse sequence is available, spanning construction activities from April 1998 through February 1999. It is a large (6.5 MB) QuickTime file. You probably have QuickTime already; if not, you'll need to download and install it in order to view the timelapse.

Click here for a gallery of photos from the fuselage construction.

While not building airplanes in his garage, Bill is involved with the design and construction of SIRTF. For more on Bill's day job, read this CNN article.

For more on experimental and homebuilt aircraft, visit

For more on this particular plane, visit

Here's Sam Buchanan, another RV builder.

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