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A little girl cries in a makeshift shelter erected on the roadside following floods in Nowshera, Pakistan.
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According to the government of Pakistan, severe flooding has affected an estimated 20 million people, including millions of children. Around 290,000 homes have been seriously damaged or destroyed, leaving 2 million people homeless. In terms of the number of people affected, this ranks alongside the 2004 Asian tsunami and this year's Haiti earthquake. It is likely to take the country years to recover and reconstruct.

So far, over 1,000 people have died and the numbers are expected to rise. as the full extent of the disaster unfolds. Across the country, floodwaters have devastated towns and villages, washed away bridges and roads, destroyed crops and livestock and caused major damage to hospitals, schools, and drinking water facilities.

We are already on the ground with our partners, providing emergency health care and safe drinking water to affected families. The situation is extremely challenging. Access to many areas has been cut off by the rising waters and vital supplies have been washed away. The flood waters are travelling south and, with more rains forecast, we expect to see thousands more people affected. We cannot allow those who were saved from drowning to die of disease from polluted water. We must prevent the fatal, downward spiral from diarrhoea, to dehydration, to death.

UNICEF's response

The UN has launched an appeal for £294 million to respond to the immediate needs of people affected by the flooding in Pakistan. UNICEF is appealing for £30 million over the next three months to help meet the needs of women and children in Pakistan. Our priority is keeping vulnerable children alive as the threat of disease increases. We have people on the ground in the worst affected areas and can report that aid is getting through.

Together with our partners, UNICEF has already set up 24 medical camps in the affected areas, benefiting around 1 million people. These camps are providing medical support to affected families, including antenatal care and immunisation against measles and tetanus. We are also providing water kits and educating families with health and hygiene messages to help prevent outbreaks of disease. We are distributing food and supporting the local authorities in providing clean drinking water to over a million people, both by repairing wells and by providing water tankers.

UNICEF receives no funding from the United Nations or the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) and relies entirely on voluntary contributions. We urgently need your support to help protect the rights of all children in Pakistan and to respond on the massive scale that is needed. A donation of £30 could provide vaccinations to protect more than 30 children against killer diseases.

Please help UNICEF help children affected by the floods by donating to our emergency appeal now.

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