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From Sex Assault Fury to Internet-Fueled Fortune

Antoine Dodson Capitalizes on Accidental Fame With Facebook, Twitter, Web Page, Merchandise

Andrew Gregory: People Like Music That's Original, Passionate

With Dodson's long, lean frame and photogenic face, Boldt said she thinks he has great modeling potential, but television and film could be in the future too.

Andrew Gregory, part of the team responsible for sending Dodson's already soaring stock into the stratosphere, said that what attracted them to Dodson was that he's an "unintentional singer," whose voice conveys the right amount of volume, passion and originality.


"They're saying something that's really articulate in their own way," he said about people, like Dodson, who make for good auto-tuning candidates. "People are frustrated with pop music because it's all the same over and over again, in terms of being love songs or a song about someone going away. These are songs that aren't about anything you've ever heard a song about."

Since early 2009, the Gregory brothers (which include Andrew's brothers Michael and Evan, and Evan's wife Sarah) have entertained the Internet by marrying hip-hop music with online news reports. Just last week, they finalized a deal with Comedy Central to develop a pilot about their Internet-fueled fun.

Dodson was the latest "singer" they encountered, but he said they've hit "viral gold" with others too. Just a few weeks ago, they sent the Internet into a tizzy with a song ("Double Rainbow Song") about a man who sounded practically orgasmic after seeing two rainbows simultaneously arch across the sky.

Viral sensations of decades past had no way to capitalize on their accidental popularity, Gregory said, but thanks to the burst of new media platforms, times have changed.

"Now because of Facebook, because of Twitter and because of YouTube, Antoine can sort of say, 'Holy crap, I just maybe got famous. If I can work this the right way, this can be my job, this can be my livelihood,'" Gregory said. "He can do things like sell merchandise and become a YouTube partner to make money off it, which we think is fantastic."

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