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Turkey issues rallying cry for flood-hit Pakistan

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Pakistani flood survivors walk across rubble in the devastated flood area of PirSabaaq village Wednesday. AFP photo

Pakistani flood survivors walk across rubble in the devastated flood area of PirSabaaq village Wednesday. AFP photo

Turkish state and civilian aid organizations as well as business circles have issued a rallying cry and launched a large-scale relief effort for flood-ravaged Pakistan.

“A large-scale campaign will be launched next week and we will contribute to the reconstruction of Pakistan with the donated money,” Tekin Küçükali, head of the Turkish Red Crescent, told daily Hürriyet on Wednesday. Turkey has pledged $10 million in cash and humanitarian aid worth $1 million to Pakistan.

Organizers expect the call to aid to be effective because the two countries enjoy a unique relationship. A team from the Red Crescent is already in Pakistan to help distribute aid to Pakistani people and to report back to Ankara on the country’s immediate needs. In addition, the Prime Ministry is also already involved in coordinating help for Pakistan.

“The two countries’ people love each other unconditionally. That’s why the Turkish people wholeheartedly participate in ongoing aid campaigns for Pakistan,” Küçükali said. A fourth plane full of humanitarian aid was sent to Pakistan on Tuesday, he said, adding that they were calling on municipalities and trade chambers to actively contribute to the campaigns. “We are planning to send 2,000 prefabricated houses to Pakistan next week. They can be used for 10 years.”

Torrential rain triggered the catastrophic floods that have affected 20 million people in three weeks, wiping out villages, farmland and infrastructure and killing at least 1,500 people in Pakistan’s worst natural disaster. The United Nations last week launched an immediate appeal for $460 million, but said Tuesday that funding so far was just 40 percent of the target. Aid agencies are now calling for pledges to be turned into cash.

Education Minister Nimet Çubukcu, speaking to journalists Tuesday, said a campaign could be launched in schools when they open in September. “It’s impossible to remain indifferent to the disaster in Pakistan. We’ll do whatever necessary as a ministry,” she said during a meeting with Pakistan’s Ambassador to Turkey, Tariq Azizuddin. The ambassador recalled that $15 million was collected through a school campaign in 2005 after Pakistan was hit by a large earthquake.

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Bank accounts
For those who want to donate to Pakistan relief funds, here are the bank account numbers:

Flood Relief Fund Account Numbers:
US Dollar Account: 3457808/5010
Turkish Lira Account: 3457808/5011
T.C. Ziraat Bank 920 - Gazisomanpaşa Branch
Filistin Cad. No.12 – ANKARA

Businessmen active for Pakistan

Apart from the state and its organizations, a number of Turkish businessmen have also initiated aid campaigns for Pakistan. “The disaster in Pakistan has saddened me a lot,” Fettah Tamince, a prominent businessman and owner of Rixos Hotels, told daily Hürriyet on Wednesday. “We have started to prepare a plane that will carry food, medicine and generators. It will depart for Pakistan in the coming days.”

Tamince said he has also called about two dozen other businessmen to coordinate aid for Pakistan. “We can increase our humanitarian assistance to this country,” he added.

Meanwhile, Rızanur Meral, president of the Confederation of Businessmen and Industrialists of Turkey, or TUSKON, said around 3,000 members of the confederation have already pledged aid to Pakistan. “From the very first day [of the disaster], we have guided our members to the region [where the disaster hit]. It’s very important that the amount of donations increases. Pakistan is a very important country.”

Cihad Vardar, head of the Independent Industrialists and Businessmen’s Association, or MÜSİAD, said they were helping Pakistan through their representation in the South Asian country. “Our growing trade relations with Pakistan push us to extend more aid.”


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Guest - Ali Haider
2010-08-19 16:50:22
  Referring to Tom and Kardes's comments, I agree with you that the response from Muslim countries have been slower than expected though it is starting to come i.e Saudi Arabia announcing $100 million donations. To my fellow Muslims, although we are praising the Muslim countries for their support, please do not forget that the US, Canada UK and many other Western countries have also provided tremendous amount of donations to Pakistan during this flood tragedy and as well during earthquake. Please also show your appreciation to Western world as well. Personally, I would like to thank Turkey and Canada for their support in this difficult time, though as a Canadian of Pakistani background I believe that Canada can certainly do more and will likely do more.

Guest - tom
2010-08-19 15:56:54
  Dave. Both Canada and Mexico helped out significantly with Katrina. Other countries helped as well. I was surprised. Like many I wonder, "Where are the donations of the oil rich Muslim nations?" And, I spent two weeks in Turkey last year. Love your country and it's people.

Guest - Ashar
2010-08-19 15:40:28
  Thank you so much Turkiye...may Allah help the Ummah and give you back it's leadership

Guest - vural korkmaz
2010-08-19 09:48:36
  There are too many people on Earth competing too few resources. Even many animals do not produce off-springs in lean years. Even Turkiye has to learn to do family planning. Pakistan and many other countries are suffering form a lack realistic and working family planning.

Guest - Ottman Arif
2010-08-19 08:04:08
  I live in Pakistan and it is great to see how people of turkey are helping flood affected people in Pakistan. Seeing the magnitude of the flood, there is no doubt that it is really difficult to deal with this natural disaster but what a shame on our Pakistani leadereship, not mobilizing the people of Pakistan for the flood victims. Today I am very proud of turkish fellows and everyone else in the Islamic world. Long live Turkey

Guest - Michael Mehmed Ali
2010-08-19 06:53:54
  Any way Pakistani-Americans can help by way of Turkish Red Crescent and be assured that there donations will reach the ones who need the help?? I read that they (many) are not responding because they believe thier aid would not reach the needy.

Guest - Kardes
2010-08-19 03:34:10
  It has been three weeks! The US has already given 76 million and is ferrying supplies on their military tansports. Turkey is going to begin sending money next week? Hardly a rapid dispatch of funds! And where is the aid from all the other Muslim nations, particularly from the Muslim oil countries? During this time of Ramadan when so much attention is paid to "giving," where are the Muslim friends of Pakistan, and why is it taking so long? Stop patting yourselves on the back and get your organizations to speed up your assistance.

Guest - Muhammad Asghar
2010-08-19 01:41:42
  I echo the comments, the helping hand of Turkey means totally different to Pakistanis than of ANY other nation. We (Pakistani's) admire Turkey for its un-matchable history compared to that of ANY other nation in the whole world. Thanks for keeping us in your mind, we wish in return so much hope that you would once again regain your past glory and lead Europe and Asia, West to East, all in the spirit of world peace and happiness for all humankind.

Guest - A Pakistani
2010-08-19 01:07:11
  Long live Turkey! Once again you are there for us. One day we will return the favour.

Guest - ahmed m
2010-08-19 00:59:36
  Thank you Turkey

Guest - Umer
2010-08-18 23:33:02
  Thank you for your generosity in our time of need, Turkey. You are a great nation of good people and Pakistan will not forget your kindness.

Guest - rabicamail
2010-08-18 21:25:48
  wondering what is relations between Turkey and Paksitan.Earlier it has any MOU

Guest - Syed F Imtiaz
2010-08-18 21:10:06
  This is a thank you from all of us!

Guest - Muhammad Karim
2010-08-18 21:09:52
  God bless your country and the citizens for helping the desperate Pakistani that were left Helpless by the entire world.

Guest - Bokhari
2010-08-18 21:07:35
  Thank you for your help.

Guest - subhan
2010-08-18 20:41:33
  masha-allah Iam a pak & luv turkey. In my opinion it is 1 of he most beutifull places in the world. Such lucky people to live in such a beutiful land

Guest - Dave
2010-08-18 19:18:16
  It is great that Turkey is talking about going and helping. Too bad it is taking them all this time though. I think the US and it's allies have been delevering aid since day one of these floods. Yet I didn't see countries from around the world come to US's aid when Katrina hit?!? Curious isn't it?

Guest - Yalcin
2010-08-18 18:41:46
  The map tells the whole story: after food and clean water, what they need most is shelter. Just what we were talking about this morning.

Guest - Turkey
2010-08-18 17:43:48
  Turkey must know that this friendship with pakistan will not falter. You have always been there for us and we hope one day to recover from this disaster and be an asset to this friendship instead of a liability. You have natural leadership qualities and we would do with a government like yours. Although I recognize that there are differences within your beautiful country, you are still all the same to us. Brothers. Sisters. God Bless you and you generations to come. Peace be Unto Those Who Follow the Guidance.

Guest - Ali Haider
2010-08-18 17:24:06
  I would like to thank my Turkish brethrens for their support of Pakistan during this difficult time and in all times. As a Canadian of Pakistani background, I have always admired Turkey and I am very optimistic that one day again, Turkey will play a leading role in the region that desperately needs a leader. Once again thank you. Long Live Turkey and Long Live Pakistan


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