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date posted: Jun 22, 2005 1:02 PM  |  updated: Oct 17, 2006 9:44 AM
Death Star timeline
During the battle, Rebel
spies managed to steal secret
plans to the Empire's
ultimate weapon, the DEATH
STAR, an armored space
station with enough power to
destroy an entire planet.

The Death Star was first introduced during the opening crawl of Star Wars. Since then, its ever-growing backstory has been expounded upon by numerous authors and artists throughout the films, books and games.

Here's a quick look at the Death Star's complex history so far (note: this timeline will be updated as new information comes to light):

-29: Raith Sienar tells Tarkin about "Expeditionary Battle Planetoid" concept [RP]
< -22: Geonosians contracted to further develop the plans [ROTSVD]
< -22:501st Legion obtains experimental Mygeetan power source [SWB2]
-22: Poggle the Lesser delivers schematics to Count Dooku [AOTC]
-22: Dooku delivers the plans to Darth Sidious [AOTC]
~ -21: Darth Sidious orders Geonosians to begin construction [ROTSVD]
-19: Clone Wars end after the Confederacy leaders are killed on Mustafar. [ROTS]
-19: Separatist holdings are turned over to the Empire. [ROTS]
-19: Palpatine, Tarkin, and Vader oversee construction for the Empire [ROTS]
-3: Work on the Death Star project conducted at Maw Installation. [JS]
< 0.2 Mrlssi Dee Savyest and others work on equipment that goes into the Death Star [XWPA]
~-0.2: 501st quells a Rebel prison break [SWB2]
~ -0.1: Death Star becomes operational
~ -0.1: Death Star destroys Despayre [MTSB]
-0.1: Kyle Katarn steals a set of plans from the planet Danuta [DF][DFSE]
-0.1: Havet Storm steals plans for the superlaser [TLJAGB]
-0.05: Operation Skyhook [SWR][XWCD]
-0.05: Portion of plans intercepted en route to Toprawa [SWR][XWCD]
-0.05: Bria Tharen/Red Hand Squadron take over Toprawa relay station [RD]
-0.05: Tantive IV breaks Toprawa blockade [SWR]
-0.05: Relay station transmits combined Death Star plans to Tantive IV [SWR][XWCD]
0: Commander Akobi assigned to the Death Star [SWE13]
0: Death Star destroys Alderaan [SW]
0: Death Star destroyed by Luke Skywalker at the Battle of Yavin [SW]
0: Hammertong Project involving the transport of the Death Star II's superlaser [TFTC]
~ 3 Destruction of the Tarkin superweapon. [MCSW]
~ 3.1: Corwin Shelvay mission to Drinba IV to disable superlaser [WC.COM][IVBG]
3.2 Alliance receives Bothan datatapes obtained by Tay Vanis. [MCSW]
3.5: Bothan members of Blue Squadron attack the Suprosa [SOTE][SOTEC]
3.5: Information obtained by Bothans transferred to Alliance High Command [SOTE][RJ]
~3.5: Alliance steals the shuttle Tydirium [XWA][FC][RS2]
4: Death Star II used at the Battle of Endor [RJ]
4: Death Star II destroyed [RJ]
4.3: Death Star III? [WDST]
12.1: Durga the Hutt's Darksaber Project reconstructs superlaser [DS]

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