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Item #: SCP-995

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-995 is to be kept in a hermetically sealed lead container submersed in a leaden bath filled with blessed water, resupplied weekly by Foundation-affiliated clergy. Under no circumstances should SCP-995 be removed from its immersion. Any unauthorised personnel attempting to access SCP-995 will be terminated. SCP-995 is to be transferred to a different site on a biweekly schedule (See Document #995-5).

Description: SCP-995 is an ancient rotary machine, circa 5300 BC, similar in appearance to a difference engine. The appearance of SCP-995 to visual inspection is inconsistent, making reliable description impossible. Despite its age, SCP-995 is in excellent condition. It has close to no rust or detritus on its gears, and detritus is barely noticeable. Water extracted from the casing via a safe method is a very dark black, close to 0 candelas, and darkens whatever room it is placed in. The water is kept [DATA EXPUNGED].

SCP-995 has appeared to random individuals as various incorporeal beings, including [DATA EXPUNGED], specifically for communication. SCP-995, however, prefers communication in written form. SCP-995 has, on several occasions, attempted to reveal the location of the site containing it to local populations. However, due to the psychological harm usually caused by SCP-995's memetic form of communication, most attempts fail.

SCP-995 was found in catacombs underneath ███████ ████. All personnel that participated in transporting SCP-995 are now deceased of apparently natural causes, with a few exception of causes already explainable by prior occurrences.

Those with Level 2 Security Clearance should see document #995-1

Document #995-1: Possibility of XK end-of-the-world scenario.

SCP-995 should not come in any contact with any item related to an XK class end-of-the-world scenario. XK items within close proximity of SCP-995 appeared to be increasingly distressed the closer they are to SCP-995. Refer to document #995-2.

Document #995-2: Event #995a


Document #995-3: Event #995b

SCP-995 was moved to a new site, but the lead casing was damaged in transit. Water held inside the casing leaked, and contact was lost with the new site for ██ hours. [DATA EXPUNGED] was reported escaping from the casing. All surviving personnel are due for interrogation, psychological evaluation and termination if needed.

Document #995-4: Change in SCP-995

SCP-995 began communication with Agent ██████. ██████ has described many events in history where SCP-995 has supposedly interfered with human affairs, despite no prior specialty in history.

Agent ██████ has been found to be continually loyal to the Foundation, even after communication, and therefore is not under consideration for termination at this time.

Document #995-5: Change in SCP-995 Protocol

Due to SCP-995's previous breaches of containment, it is the opinion of the general staff and O5-█ that SCP-995 is to switch sites on a biweekly schedule. Dr. Schubert

Document #995-6: Further change in SCP-995

Shortly after the change in the SCP Protocol regarding SCP-995, it seems that it has become more… Most easily defined as aggressive. On several occasions, SCP-995 has contacted general personnel on site, and attempted to convince them to help free SCP-995. The more memetically strong personnel are now in medical care. The less fortunate shall be remembered. Nonetheless, it is the opinion of the upper staff of SCP-995's division that we should begin researching a more efficient form of containment, or, in the extreme, a form of decommission. Dr. Schubert

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