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Star of the Week

Joseph Mascolo



Joseph Mascolo (Stefano, DAYS)

Joseph Mascolo (Stefano DAYS)

Vital Statistics

March 13, 1935
West Hartford, CT
Years On Show:
1982-1985, 1988, 1993-1996, 1996-2001, 2007-present
Marital Status:
Married to Rose Maimone from 1953-1986 (her death); Married to Patricia Schultz (2005)
He has one grown son, Peter, with with his late wife.
Soap Opera Digest Award for Outstanding Villain (1997)

The 411

Joseph Mascolo was born and raised in West Hartford, CT. From early on, his passion was for classical music and opera. He hadn't considered acting until a music scholarship brought him to the University of Miami, where a drama coach realized he was destined to be on stage. Mascolo played the clarinet for the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra while studying acting. His first off-Broadway role was the production of The Threepenny Opera, followed by an appearance in A View From the Bridge. He made his broadway debut in Dinner at Eight. In 1982, the head writer for DAYS OF OUR LIVES wrote the role of Stefano DiMera for Mascolo after noticing him in his television appearance in THE GANGSTER CHRONICLES. He remained on the show for 18 years, earning him the Digest Award for Outstanding Villain in 1997. He played Massimo Marone on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL for five years, and then returned to Salem to lead a rejuvenated DiMera clan on DAYS in 2007.

Et Cetera

—Played clarinet in the band at West Point for three years because he never made it as a cadet; later played clarinet for the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra.
—Studied acting under legendary teacher Stella Adler.
—Succeeded Robert Duvall as Eddie Carbone in A View from the Bridge, and joined an ensemble that included co-star Jon Voight and assistant director Dustin Hoffman.
—When not on the set, Mascolo is overseeing the completion of the dream home he designed in Lake Arrowhead.
—Sang a duet with Luciano Pavarotti in the film, Yes Giorgio!.

Career Highlights

Other Soap Roles
THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL (Massimo Marone) (August 2001-July 2006)
TV Roles
THE EQUALIZER (Tony Costa, 1988)
HILL STREET BLUES (Melvin Jardino, 1986)
BRONK (Mayor Pete Santori, 1975)
ALL IN THE FAMILY (Mr. Bushmill, 1974)
Film Roles
Yes, Giorgio (Dominic Giordano, 1982)
Gangster Wars (Maranzano, 1981)
Jaws 2 (Len Peterson, 1978)
Shaft's Big Score! (Gus Mascola, 1972)

Memorable Quotes

"I would go away for 20 minutes and come back with another kid. I don't know what there is about me, but okay..."— Soap Opera Weekly, 4/20/2004

"The first time I read 'Mojo' in the script, I thought, Does Brad know what the mojo is? (laughs) I guess he did, and now I have a lot to live up to." — Weekly, 4/22/03

"I watch old movies, but other than that I don't see much that attracts me. I see these talk shows with people talking about themselves and I want to say, 'Oh, stop it. Talk about something else. Who really cares?' Or, Please don't tell me what you think. That's the last thing I want to know. Just sit up there with your short skirt and shut up.'" — Addressing the subject of television, Weekly, 12/28/99

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