Ben Quayle Has Never Voted in Local Arizona Election, Records Show

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Ben Quayle, son of former Vice President Dan Quayle and the latest addition to the jam-packed list of candidates for the District 3 congressional seat, hasn't voted in a municipal election since registering to vote in Arizona in 1997, a new report claims.

According to voting records dug up by the Arizona Guardian, Quayle has voted in two primaries in Arizona but has never cast a ballot in a local election.

"Like a lot of people my age, I haven't been involved in politics," Quayle tells the Guardian. "I probably should have been more active, and that's my fault."

People his age? The guy's 33.

Quayle, according to the records, did vote in three general elections, including the 2008 presidential election.

It should be pointed out that Quayle's apparent lack of civil responsibility was caused, in part, by his living out of state for several years since he registered to vote.

Quayle lived and worked in both California and New York during that time and also attended Duke University in North Carolina and Vanderbilt University law school in Tennessee.

As far as we're concerned, Ben Quayle could never have stepped foot in a voting booth in his entire life and still be a drastic improvement over the man he's trying to replace, Congressman John Shadegg. As far as we know, Quayle's never used an infant as a prop.

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Jane says:

Not only that, but this kid has never held a real job... Do we really want another Quayle in office. I don't!

Posted On: Wednesday, Feb. 24 2010 @ 1:19PM
Finn says:

This kid was born with a silverspoon in his mouth - he's out of touch with America and our values.

Posted On: Wednesday, Feb. 24 2010 @ 1:23PM
Annie O. says:

"Quayle lived and worked in both California and New York during that time and also attended Duke University in North Carolina and Vanderbilt University law school in Tennessee."

Wow, has he even set foot in AZ since a diaper-wearing age?

Posted On: Wednesday, Feb. 24 2010 @ 1:25PM
Chloe says:

"Like a lot of people my age, I haven't been involved in politics," Quayle tells the Guardian. "I probably should have been more active, and that's my fault."

OMG, how can you be 33 and never have voted?!?! Why is this guy even running? He's never even seen a ballot.

Posted On: Wednesday, Feb. 24 2010 @ 1:26PM
Austin says:

Holy wow. That's ridiculous! remind me why he thinks he's got enough know-how, to run? Seriously? this is too funny. out of touch for suuure.

Posted On: Wednesday, Feb. 24 2010 @ 3:48PM
Evan Engles says:

Aw look - another Quayle, except for this one's never had a job! woo hoo let's have him run for idiocy.

Posted On: Wednesday, Feb. 24 2010 @ 3:59PM
Debby says:

For pete's sake you dopes.....get a grip. How many of you voted in a local election at that age? And HELLO. Do we want to bash him because he is educated? But maybe all of you haters have law degrees also. Can we not say Barack Hussein.....never had a job, and he POTUS.
One more thing. I have known the family for decades. Despite how you are obviously brainwashed by the media, neither Ben nor his parents were brought up with a 'silver spoon'.

Posted On: Saturday, Mar. 20 2010 @ 2:16PM
Esteban Cadiz says:

Waring is the most qualified of all the candidates. I won't go into bashing Quayle like many are. He cannot help who his parents are and he is not a drain on the society by being educated and holding down a full time job. Vote on if the candidate is capable and has the ability to serve the people who elect him or her, not guilt by parentage slams. I know these candidate backgrounds and Waring is the most qualified to do the job.

Fo the record, potato was spelled "potatoe" on the printed flash card in that spelling bee. Dan Quayle only said the word was not spelled as it was on the card and the media sucked the blood out of his neck and many just swallowed the lie as truth without the facts. So typical.

Posted On: Monday, Mar. 22 2010 @ 1:30PM
E Maguire says:

For the record, Ben Quayle has voted in every single general election. How many of you have voted in local and municipal elections? I'm 35 and I never have. We're lucky that somebody like Ben is willing to put himself out there for all of you to bash. Would you put yourself out there KNOWING you'd hear the same old "potato" jokes over an over? Do you care more about this country than your own privacy? It's obvious that Ben does. Thank you, Ben, for caring enough about our future to step up and get involved. I have no doubt you'll make an excellent congressman.

Posted On: Tuesday, Mar. 23 2010 @ 4:16PM
Stacy says:

"It should be pointed out that Quayle's apparent lack of civil responsibility was caused, in part, by his living out of state for several years since he registered to vote."

Oh come now, why be bothered with actual FACTS when you have so much OPINION to draw from?

You are so good to betray your utter bias and contempt against all things conservative. Thanks for that.

Posted On: Friday, Apr. 2 2010 @ 1:28PM
Bruce says:

As an option Ben shows thoughtful consideration by considering this move. Things are changing

Posted On: Monday, Apr. 5 2010 @ 4:36PM
jmoore11 says:

A legislator's primary purpose is to develop laws that move our country forward. It is important that a legislator have a law background. Quayle has that background and has studied at two excellent law schools. When I was in school in Virginia, I was too busy studying to vote in a local Arizona election. I cannot fault Quayle for doing the same.
Waring is a very nice man but he does not have a law degree. We have enough non-lawyers designing laws that result in unintended consequences. I want a person to represent me who understands what effect a particular law will have. Simply being "in touch" with someone's values puts another seductive hope type person in office.

Posted On: Wednesday, Jun. 2 2010 @ 6:15PM
Lisa Welch says:

It is so funny to read the comments about Ben Quayle from all of you who have never left Arizona! Get out of your state for a while and see the rest of the world. Ben has done more in 33 years than most of you have done in your entire life! He has a better resume than most people. Vernon Parker needs to leave CD3 for a while and see what the rest of the U.S. is up to...he has been living in cushy PV for too long. Get rid of the career politicians who got us into this ridiculous mess that we are in now. Thank you previous generations for leaving my generation a complete mess to clean up! Thank you for the free love, free drugs, free money, big government and the society we live in now that has no respect for women. Thank you! GET them out of office. We need younger people in office who will CHANGE this path that this country is on! We will be cleaning this up. Who cares if Ben has not voted in AZ, he has been out in the world doing things, shaping his life to better serve Arizona and not be so narrow focused.

Posted On: Wednesday, Jun. 9 2010 @ 1:09PM
RonaldAnthony says:

Sorry Debby!!! You're the dope! You get a grip!

Posted On: Thursday, Jun. 10 2010 @ 12:54AM
JPetruk says:

If Mr. Quayle was truly seeking to serve his constituancy, he would have exhibited more political involvement in his past. To this lifelong, Barry Goldwater Republican, it is obvious he only wishes to serve himself and his royal family's posterity. (or is that posterior?....) As for JMoore11 - You could not be more wrong if you tried. 2/3's of Congressional members are lawyers by trade. That's what got us into the mess we're in...The only thing lawyers know how to do is go after the people who produce (ie: companies,jobs,wealth). Therefore, all lawyers do is punish production. We need a congress that will reward production.

Posted On: Saturday, Jul. 24 2010 @ 1:17PM
Tom says:

Gee, I voted for the first time at 19! (presidential election, absentee ballot, I was in the Army).
So I'm baffled by all the knee-jerk defenses that it's somehow normal to have not voted in a General election at age 33.

Posted On: Wednesday, Aug. 11 2010 @ 10:16AM
Joe says:

"I probably should have been more active, and that's my fault." - coming from a political family, no excuse here, Ben.

I've been a voter since the age of 18, my son who just turned 18 this year couldn't wait to vote. He also worked the polls as a volunteer.

I don't trust political dynasties, lawyers or very many politicians, I certainly don't trust ones who think they know better than I do of what my needs are.

Sorry Ben, you don't get my vote...

Posted On: Wednesday, Aug. 11 2010 @ 5:33PM
Marsha says:

So, this heir to the Pulliam fortune - not that that's automatically a disqualifier - has not even served on a school board or been interested enough to vote in those everyday elections that most serious voters find important.
He has spent many years not here. It appears his resume is very thin on experience in anything.
And, from his looks, he couldn't kick the hell out of anyone - let alone Washington.
Being the son of a rather unremarkable vice president is hardly a qualifier since he was about 12 or 13 at the time.
I prefer lawyers for most of Congress as well as the Presidency. We've had just too much of those who are ignorant of the law thinking they can just make anything up.
Maybe Ben is used to having everyone be impressed because of his name. Sorry.
Get a resume showing some interest in anything positive for this country and maybe we'll all be impressed.
But, money is all that matters - so he'll probably win.
After all, there are any number of qualified people running. Why pick him?

Posted On: Thursday, Aug. 12 2010 @ 5:45PM
Ralph says:

Didn't his daddy at least get him an absentee ballot?

Posted On: Sunday, Aug. 15 2010 @ 6:25PM
dhampton100 says:

He may have never used an infant but he certainly DID use two little girls as props. That ain't much better. Two scumbags will not make ONE good Congressman!

Posted On: Tuesday, Aug. 17 2010 @ 9:15PM
Tom says:

Debby we can not blame everything on the media and people we do not agree with. Maybe little Nazi right-wing Guale should take some of the blame. And you should dust off your little silver spoon and do the same.

Posted On: Thursday, Aug. 19 2010 @ 7:58AM
Tommy Collins says:

According to young Ben he's going to Washington to beat the hell of it. Whatever Washington is, and whatever hell it might contain.

I guess he feels his daddy didn't put enough whup ass on Washington when he was there.

Lisa said:....Ben has done more in 33 years than most of you have done in your entire life!...

Tell us about all that good, Lisa. I am curious. Then I will compare my first 33 years to his...

Posted On: Thursday, Aug. 19 2010 @ 5:10PM
Jane says:

If how much "good" a candidate has done is the criteria for voting, than everyone should vote for Robert Branch.

Posted On: Thursday, Aug. 19 2010 @ 10:06PM
Brian Pope in A.J. says:

Vernon Parker: The Phoenix zoo called, they want their minkey back...

Posted On: Friday, Aug. 20 2010 @ 12:33AM
Mike Wells says:

Wow, not only is he the son of a former VP, but he's now running for office himself. You'd think that the least he could do is take a little time out of his day to vote, as he is asking people to do for him. How selfish.

Posted On: Friday, Aug. 20 2010 @ 9:37AM

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