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'Bed Intruder' Song Cracks the Billboard Charts

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Jordan Carr

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(Aug. 20) -- Quick quiz: Do you know what the No. 89 song on the Billboard Hot 100 is? No? It's "Bed Intruder (Featuring Kelly Dodson)" by Antoine Dodson and the Gregory Brothers, the (so far!) best-known example of converting non-musical words into a marketable song via Auto-Tune.

With the single, Auto-Tune, a computer plug-in originally intended to be used sparingly for pitch correction, has broken new ground, turning a regular human conversation (OK, rather irregular, but it was still just talking) into commercially successful music.

"Bed Intruder" made the charts despite receiving apparently no airplay and no physical sales -- Andrew Gregory wrote in an e-mail to Surge Desk that "our understanding was that it cracked the Billboard [Hot] 100 based almost solely on iTunes sales."

The Hot 100 chart has included digital sales since 2005. As of this writing, "Bed Intruder" is No. 58 on the overall iTunes singles chart and No. 26 on the pop singles chart, although it had previously reached No. 3 on the R&B chart and No. 15 on the overall chart.

The "band," consisting of the three Gregory brothers -- Andrew, Michael and Evan -- and Evan's wife, Sarah, said in a recent interview with Wired that they were splitting the profits 50-50 with plucky hero and unintentional lyricist Antoine Dodson. AOL News' Billy Baker interviewed Dodson earlier this week and learned about his fantasy about going on a road trip to California with his sister, his brother and Michael Jackson. In addition to his venture with the Gregory Brothers, Dodson has branched out into merchandising.

According to the Wired interview, the group is developing a pilot for Comedy Central. The Gregorys were vague about their would-be show, with Sarah saying it would "have a musical component" and "be based a lot on Internet culture." The show may be a ways off, though, and Michael Gregory said he "would be surprised if it was as soon as next spring." So for now, those who love seeing everyday people like Antoine Dodson turned into music stars have to make do with the Gregory Brothers' YouTube channel.

Meanwhile, lovers of this specific song can enjoy the nifty covers that have popped up in the genres of marching band, power pop, straight-up R&B, folk, a cappella and, of course, traditional Japanese instruments.
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