CMC Mail Client

This is the CMC mail client page.

Note that this program is in a pre-alpha release.

For more information see the README file in the tar ball.

If you are looking for the previous version of Chaos Mail Checker, you will find it here.

CMC is a small GUI mailer that I write to fill my needs with mail.
Right now, it can/uses:
* Gtk as its widget library (Remember that pixmaps themes might slow it down).
* Perl and CPAN modules (easier to extend).
* Have multiple _send_ mail accounts (SMTP).
* Handle a directory (and its subs) as the mailfolders.
* Support basic HTML (HTML3.2 and some 4.0).
* Suport external viewers. Per MIME types or per extension.
* Fetchmail to get e-mail form multiple accounts.
* Procmail to filter e-mails.
* Support for threaded message

The current _pre-alpha_ version is 0.5.32.

For a Screenshot, click here.

Click here to download

* You have to apply a patch to Mail::Cclient module so that it do not crash on some messages.
* The Gtk-Perl (Gnome-Perl) used, is not the one in CPAN, but the one from GNOME CVS (note that GNOME-PERL and GTK-PERL are the same package even if gnome is not used).

Fill free to use CMC in any way you want.

To contact me, send a mail to Raul Dias.