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Article of the Now: The Rejection Line
Hey, you're a pretty cool guy right? You just haven't gotten much luck lately, but things are bound to pick up soon. A friend of a friend of a guy that you work with says it's probably be cool if you went to a party he's throwing tonight, and whilst you're mingling with some awesome people you see her. Eyes like sapphires, hair like golden sand and a smile that makes you melt, you just need to talk to this girl. Things seem to be going so well. She's constantly looking over her shoulder (probably to make sure her boyfriend is not around), and she keeps letting you buy her drinks. Dude, you're totally going to get laid tonight, the deal just needs closing. You ask if she wants to go back to your place, but after a long, comfortable silence in which you look into her eyes for what seems like an eternity she says she has work in the morning. You ask for her number. She gives you 0419-317-446. You just got rejected, you fucking pussy.

((Why does everyone I talk to have the same phone number?))
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