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July 09, 2008
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6 hours ago
Hi, my name is Lewis and I currently play Zephos, a level 80 Death Knight on The Venture Co, EU RP-PVP.

I make videos with my friend Simon (Honeydew, a Prot Paladin) and Hannah (Lomadia, a Moonkin).

If you like our videos - you should almost certainly check out our podcast. It's where all the funny bits go.

iTunes podcast: http://itunes.apple.com/Web...

The Facebook Group: http://www.facebook.com/pag...

The Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/g...

Twitter: http://twitter.com/yogscast

Addons used in my videos:

X-perl for the raid and unitframes
Bartender for the bars
SexyMap for the map
MagicRunes to tell me how to spam Heart Strike
Quartz for sexy casting bars
More recently MSBT for scrolling battle text
United Kingdom
Channel Comments (1008)
MrTeacoffee (5 hours ago)
YOGSCAST Is the Best Cast!
sulfuras24 (16 hours ago)
TB sent me..he's gonna break your website MWHAH
scarymini (18 hours ago)
If god would descent from heaven he would faint of your epicness
Fable15331 (19 hours ago)
TB sent us :D
fopfopdohdoh (19 hours ago)
i was sent by the king himself
Sasuke2408 (19 hours ago)
Totalbiscuits fans are your fans! including me o.o
Kelegornwrath (19 hours ago)
The Great TotalBiscuit Sent us, we are not disappointed.
GrieverGocel (19 hours ago)
Incoming Total biscuit Fan Zerg.
Beargoeswild (19 hours ago)
+50 subs after Tb's shoutout
animelover666666 (19 hours ago)
gotta say a big thanks for all the hard work you 2 have put into your videos i have watched them all
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