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This web site is dedicated to the
Hudson Motor Car Company
Producer of fine motor cars - 1909-1954

       Welcome to the "Hudson Motor Car website. In building this web site I hope to provide a place for much of the Hudson material I have accumulated over the years.  While a part of it is from Hudson sources, a large part of it comes from independendent sources, as well.  We have made every effort to check the accuracy of all material offered on this site.  We hope that anyone finding errors will not hesitate to contact us at the email address provided below.

       It is our hope that all who visit here will find that which they are looking for.  With that end in mind we have provided links to many of the web sites provided by other Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club members.  We mention two - that of Gregg Maroney and Ken Cates.  These sites are more of a technical nature than many of the others.  By linking to Gregg and Ken's sites we hope we have provided one of the largest Hudson web sites every produced.

    The Hudson Motor Car Company began production with the Model 20 which rolled off the production line on July 3, 1909.  For the next 45 years, until the merger with Nash Motors to form American Motors in 1954, Hudson built many fine automobiles.

     In 1918 a separate division was formed to build the Essex, a low priced companion to the Hudson.  In 1929 Essex reached it's peak with 191,328 units shipped.  Hudson shipped 7,179 units.
     Hudson introduced a commercial model, the Dover, in 1929 based on the Essex chassis and rated at 3/4 ton. This was produced only in 1929 and possibly 1930 - after which the vehicle became an Essex commercial, but very few models were produced.  Commercial models continued to be produced from 1933-1938 as Terraplanes, and from 1939-1947 as Hudsons.
    July 1932 saw the introduction of the Terraplane, to replace the Essex.  1932 saw Essex, Essex-Terraplane (continued to 1933) and Terraplane models. In 1934 the car became simply Terraplane until 1938 when it was changed again to Hudson-Terraplane.  This was to be the last year for the Terraplane.  It was replaced by the Hudson '112' model, so named for it's wheelbase. This model only lasted for two years, until 1939.
     From 1940 thru 1954 only Hudsons were produced. In 1954 the aggressive marketing campaigns of the early 50's by Ford and Chevrolet, battling for first place, plus shortsighted company policies had Hudson nearly out of business, along with most of the surviving independents. A merger was made between Nash Motors and Hudson, forming American Motors.
     The Hudson nameplate continued for only three more years, finally being dropped in 1957, when only 1,345 units were shipped.

         As they say here in Memphis, y'all come back, hear.  More is being added all the time.

Alex Burr
Memphis, TN (Drop the NEC)


H U D S O N   T E C H N I C A L  I N F O R M A T I O N
& Restoration information web sites

These two sites contain a wealth of Hudson related information - Gregg has graciously offered to put much of my material on his site, as he has the room and the knowledge of how to do so. Below you will find an index of the material I have sent im - in additon he has material he has put on the site.

Gregg Maroney - Technical Information Web Site

 Ken Cates - Hudson Restoration Info. Site
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 White Triangle News Index - 1960-2007
This index, being compiled by Bob Ross, is a
work in progress.  So check back on
occasion for updates.

The Golden Era Automobile Association has posted a 1922-1928 Hudson-Essex
Service Manual on their web site.  To access this resource:
1922-1928 Hudson-Essex Service Manual


Hudson On-Line Library

Index of Publications, Reference Sheets and other material to be found on Gregg Maroney's web site (see link above)

++++ 1912 ++++

1912-13 Delco 6-24 volt system care
1912-14 Delco 6-24 volt dual ignition system care

++++ 1913 ++++

1913 Hudson Hand Book
1913 Hudson Salesman Book 'How to Sell the Hudson 37'
1913 Hudson Instruction Handbook

+++++ 1914 ++++

1914 Delco Junior System Care
1914-15 Hudson 6-54 Prices Specifications and Equipment
1914-16 Service Inspection Manual for Hudson Mechanics

+++++ 1915 ++++

1915 Standard Delco Systems Care
1915 Delco Circuit and wiring Diagrams all car makes 1910 thru 1915

+++++ 1916 ++++

1916 Delco Circuit Diagrams
1916 Delco Care of Standard Delco Systems having third brush regulations
1916 - 1918 Super 6 Service Manual For Hudson Mechanics Models H, J  and M
1916 Hudson Super-Six Reference Book
1916 Super-Six Sales Booklet

+++++ 1917 ++++

Delco Circuit Diagrams of the 1917 Automobile Systems

 ++++ 1918 ++++
Delco Circuit Diagrams of the 1918 Automobile Systems
1918 -19 Delco Pierce Parts Catalog - Hudson - Hudson

+++++ 1919 ++++
elco Circuit Diagrams of the 1919 1920 Automobile Systems
1919 Essex Model A Instruction Book
1919 Hudson Sales Catalog

+++++ 1920 ++++

1920's Hudson-Essex Service Station Tools and Shop Equipment (This is really neat, being an old mechanic.)
1920 Hudson Model 10-O to 12-O Parts List

+++++ 1921++++

1921 Hudson Super Six Service Manual
1921 Delco Circut Diagrams

+++++ 1922 ++++

1922-27 Hudson Essex Paint Specifications REF SHEET No.36 July  
1922 Hudson Sales Brochure

+++++ 1924-1927 ++++

1924-26 Hudson Parts List S/N 500,000-750,000
1924-26 Hudson, 1924-28 Essex Carburetor Instructions
1924-27 Essex Parts List S/N 100,000-706,000 January 1928

+++++ 1925 ++++

1925 Hudson Parts List (November)
1925 Hudson Instruction Book (September)
1925-1930 Essex Motor Tune-Up and Specifications Booklet

+++++ 1926 ++++

1926 Briggs Body Parts L6ist
1926 Hudson Instruction Book (September)
1926 Essex Instruction Book
1926 Hudson Essex Service Manual w/27 Supplement. S/N 500,001up
1926 Hudson Essex Shop Manual
1926 Mechanical, Electrical Specifications Hudson and Essex
1926 Hudson Sedan and Brougham - Biddle and Smart - Body Parts
1926 Hudson Coach 4 page Sales Brochure

+++++ 1927 +++++

 Feb 1927 Super-Six Parts List
1927 Hudson Mechanical Specifications S/N 750,000up
1927 Hudson Essex Service Information Hand Book
1927-8 Hudson Super Six Marvel Carbureter and Heat Control
    Booklet B
1927 Hudson Super-Six Parts List. July 1927 S/N 750,001up
1927 Essex Super-Six Instruction Book
1927 Essex Super-Six Parts List S/N 500,001-706,269
1927 Essex Mechanical Specifications S/N 500,001up
1927 Installation of Stewart Warner Vacuum Fuel System

+++++ 1928 ++++

1928 Essex Super-Six Parts List MAY
1928 Essex Mechanical Specifications S/N 790,399 up
1928 Hudson Super Six Parts List JUNE
1928 Hudson Mechanical Specifications S/N 790,399 up

+++++ 1929 ++++

1929 Dover Sales Brochure
1929 Dover Commercial Super-6 Mech. Specs. S/N 10,001up
    REF SHEET No.38
1929 Essex Super Six Parts List JULY
1929 Essex Mechanical Information Hand Book JANUARY
1929 Essex Super Six Marvel Carbureter Booklet 61
1929 Essex Mechanical Specifications S/N 928,658up REF SHEET 
1929 Hudson Technical Information Hand Book
1929 Hudson, Essex, Dover Paint Specifications MARCH
1929 Hudson, Essex, Dover Paint Specifications AUGUST
1929 Hudson Super-Six Instruction Book APRIL S/N 825407up
1929 Hudson Essex Super Six Condensed Parts Price List JANUARY
1929 Hudson Super Six Parts List JANUARY S/N 825407
1929 Hudson Super Six Mech. Specs. S/N 825,407up REF SHEET No.35
1929 Hudson Super Six Marvel Carbureter Booklet VB
Stewart Vacuum Gasoline System Model 113
Marvel Carbureter Overhaul
1929 Hudson and Essex Brakes
1929 all makes ElectroLock information

+++++ 1930 ++++

1930-39 Hudson Master Chassis Group Parts Book
1930 Essex Auto-Lite Gen and Ign Specifications S/N 1,165,674up
1930 Essex 'The Challenger' Body Parts List S/N 1165674 up
1930 Essex 'The Challenger' Parts List S/N 1165674 up
1930 Essex Super Six Technical Information and Specifications
1930 Essex Super Six Mechanical Specifications revised February
1930 Hudson Great 8 Electrical and Tune Up Specifications S/N
1930 Hudson Super Eight Mechanical Specifications REF SHEET
1930 Hudson 'Great Eight' and Essex 'The Challenger' Trimming Specs
    REF SHEET No.42
1930 Essex Super Six Instruction Book S/N 116567 up

+++++ 1931 ++++

1931 Essex Super Six Mechanical Specifications REF SHEET No.34
1931 Essex Commercial Chassis Mech. Specs. REF SHEET No.45
1931 Essex Tune Up Sheet
1931 Hudson Great Eight Mechanical Specifications REF SHEET 
1931 Paint Specifications Covering Greater Hudson Eight, Essex
    Super-6  REF SHEET No.36
1931 The Greater Hudson 8 Color Catalog
1931 Hudson 8 Parts Book
1931 Hudson 8 Instruction Book
1931 Hudson 8 Auto Lite Electric Instructions

+++++ 1932 ++++

1932 Mechanical Specifications for the Greater Hudson Eight
1932 Essex Super-Six Technical Information
1932 Essex Mechanical Specs for the Greater Essex Super Six
1932 Essex Parts List for the New and Greater Essex Super Six.
1932 Essex Super-Six Owners Manual
1932 Essex Body Parts List for the New and Greater Essex Super Six.
1932 Essex Terraplane Service Information and Adjustments s/n


+++++ 1933 ++++

1933 Essex, Terraplane KT 8 Tune Up Specifications
1933 Hudson, Essex, Terraplane Service Information and Adjustments REF SHEET
1933 Hudson Super Six owners manual
1933 Essex, Terraplane Majestic Model 66 Radio Installation and Tech Manual

+++++ 1934 ++++

1934 Carter Carburetor Terraplane
1934 Terraplane Technical Handbook
1934 Hudson Eight Tune-up and Electrical
1934 Terraplane K, KU, KS, Tune-up and Electrical

+++++ 1935 ++++

The Electric Hand for 1935
1935 Bendix Automatic Clutch Control
1935 Hudson Eight Model HT, HU, HHU, HTL, HUL Mechanical Specifications
1935 Hudson Eight Series 54 HT, 55 HU, 56 HHU Tune-up Specifications
1935 Hudson Reference Sheets
1935 Accessory and Parts Merchandising Bulletins
1935 Mechanical and Technical Bulletins
1935 Parts Prices and Parts Specifications
1935 Parts Prices and Parts Specifications (not same as 
1935 Hudson and Terraplane Zenith Model 680 Radio Service  Manual
1935 Accessory and Parts Merchandising Bulletins
1935 Hudson Six Model GH Big Six Tune-up and Elec. Specs.
1935 Hudson Terraplane Brakes REF SHEET No.5 (Dec 1934)
1935 Service Information and Adjustments
1935 Hudson - Terraplane Technical Information Handbook
1935-38 Hudson Electric Hand Transmission Control
1935 Terraplane Tune-Up Specifications
1935 thru 1942 Hudson and Terraplane Carburetor Tune-up Manual
 1935 Terraplane Special Owner's Manual 1935

+++++ 1936 ++++

1936 Hudson Reference Sheets
1936 Hudson RCA Radio Model H-6
1936 Hudson RCA Radio Model CB-6
1936 - 1947 General Technical Policies and Information Bulletins
1936 Hudson 63 Electrical and Tune-Up Specifications
1936 Service Information and Adjustments
1936 Terraplane Model 61, 62 Mechanical Specifications
1936 Pictorial Hudson News/
How What Why About the 1936 Hudsons and Terraplanes
1936 Tune Up Specifications

+++++ 1937 ++++

1937 - 38 Hudson Six Model 73, 83 Tune-Up Specifications
1937 - 38 Hudson Eight Tune-Up Specifications
1937 Terraplane Mechanical and Tune-Up Specifications
1937 Hudson-Terraplane Group Chassis and Body Parts Book
Terraplane 1937 Owners Manual
1937 Hudson Salesman Booklet. How What and Why
1937 Terraplane Salesman Booklet
Mechanical Procedure Manual. 1936 - 38
Service Magazines for 1937
1937 Terraplane News Release.
1937 Hudson Radio RCA Model 67M Installation and Instructions
1937 and 1939 General Parts Policies and Information Bulletins
1937-39 General Accessory Parts Policies and Information Bulletins
1937 Dual Action Fuel Pump
Color Chart for 1937 Hudson's.

+++++ 1938 ++++
1938 Hudson 112 Tune-Up Specifications
1938 Hudson Service Information and Adjustments
1938 Terraplane Tune-Up Specifications
 Hudson News for 1938
+++++ 1939 ++++
1939 Hudson SA and DB 39 Radio Service Manual
+++++ 1940 ++++
1940 Hudson Group Parts Book Six and Eight
1940-47 Mechanical Specs and Tune-Up Specs with Adjustments
1940 Hudson Radio Service Manual
+++++ 1941 ++++
1941 Hudson Radio Data Sheets

++++ 1942 ++++

1942 Hudson Sales Catalog
+++++ 1946 ++++

Hudson Newsletter. Graehl Motor Service, Missoula Montana - Vol.1 No.10, Feb.
1946 Car Distribution Department Bulletins

+++++ 1947 ++++

1947 Car Distribution Department Bulletins

+++++ 1948 ++++

1948 Car Distribution Department Bulletins
1948 - 1953 General Technical Policies and Information Bulletins
1948 - 1949 Parts Merchandising Bulletin
1948 - 1949 Group Parts Catalog 480, 490

+++++ 1949 ++++

SALES FACTS - Next 12 items
1948 (Mar) MI Tests The New Hudson
1949 (Feb) Hudson vs Oldsmobile 98
1949 (July) Hudson vs Chrysler Saratoga, New Yorker
1949 (July) Hudson vs Oldsmobile Engines
1949 (July) Hudson vs Mercury
1949 (July) Hudson vs Studebaker Land Cruiser
1949 (June) Hudson vs Chrysler Royal Windsor
1949 (June) Hudson vs Dodge Coronet
1949 (June) Hudson vs Nash
1949 (March) Hudson vs Buick Roadmaster
1949 (March) Hudson vs Packard
1949 (Sept) Compare Hudson Features
1949 Super 6 and 8 Service Manual
1949 Service Merchandiser Index
1949 Review Manual. Hudson Sales Clinic #1. Sales Improvement Program
1949 Service Merchandiser volume 1 Number 1
1949 Service Merchandiser Volume 1 Number 2
1949 Hudson Owners Manual
1949 General Parts Policies and Information Bulletins
1949 Car Distribution Department Bulletins

+++++ 1950 ++++

1950 Car Distribution Department Bulletins
1950 Hudson Sales Literature
1950 - 1954 General Parts Policies and Information bulletins
1950 - 1956 Hudson Parts Merchandising Bulletins

+++++ 1951 ++++

1951 Car Distribution Department Bulletins

+++++ 1953 ++++

1953 Car Distribution Department Bulletins
1953 Hudson Jet Owners Manual

+++++ 1955 ++++

1955 Accessory Merchandising Bulletins
1955 Body Section Bulletins
1955 AMC Hudson Bulletins Groups 1.0000 thru 13.000

+++++ 1956 ++++

1956 AMC Hudson Bulletins Groups 1.0000 thru 13.000

++++ 1957 ++++

1957 AMC Hudson Bulletins Groups 1.0000 thru 13.000



Hudson Web Site Links

Links to Other Hudson Web Sites

    Since the Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club went on-line with their own chat page at members have discovered that with a little effort they can have a web site for other members to enjoy. Since that start it has gotten easier to publish a web site - and in our list at the moment we have over 30 such sites - and the list continues to grow. We know there are chapter web sites - some of them we have found, but they won't open properly so we will leave it to these chapters to send us their correct URL, please.
    Some of these sites are works of art, some, like mine, are plain jane and some are only home pages but all present some facet of the Hudson story. Put all together on one giant Hudson web page it would make an awesome site to say the least!!! We urge you to visit these pages - some are now static, meaning activity is limited; others are constantly being added to.
    Dot Tobler has an excellent link to may of these sites we are listing here (See Links to Hudson Related Web Sites below). We are putting this page on our site as a convience to those who visit us and who may wish to visit other sites. 
HET Club Members Web Sites:

1.  Ankney, Ryan - Hudson Collector Forum
2.  Bartholdi, Andre - 1948 Hudson Commodore 8, Zurich, Switzerland
3.  Barnes, Gary - 1929 Essex
4.  Battle, Jon - Hudson History
5.  Cates, Ken - 1948-1954 Hudson, resto tips, more
Clark, Rick - White Triangle Trucking
7.  Cooper, Aaron - Hudson trucks and more
8.  Cosmo, Mike - Hudson, Essex, Terraplane Parts Store
9.  DelMonaco, Aaron - A. D.'s Flying (Hudson) circus
10. Gailbraith, Cole - 1938 Terraplane Model 81 Coupe
11. Hoffman, Jerre & Patti - 1916 Hudson Six-40 and other stuff
14. Keister, Dave - Hudson photos and World War II Hudson Invader Engine
15.  KGap Reproduction Parts - Perry and Kaylene Spring
16. Lynch, Gary - Essex cars in Canada
MacDonald, John & Sharon - Hudson Photo Page
18. Maroney, Gregg - 1937 Hudson & Terraplane Site
. Mass, Randy - 21st Century Hudson Parts
20. Meier, Pat & Terry - 1937 Terraplane "Mainia"
21. Moore, Ed - Bellingham Auto Sales
36. Zaremba, Ivan - Historic Grand National Stock Cars

HET Club Chapter Web Site Links:

 I. Eastern Regional
Chesapeake Bay Chapter
    2. Dixie Chapter
3. Orange Blossom Chapter
    4. Western Reserve Chapter

II. Central Regional
   1. Chicago-Milwaukee Chapter
   2. Mid-South Chapter
   3. North Central Chapter
   4. Smoky Mountain Chapter

III. Big Country Regional

   1. Big Sky (Montana) Chapter
   2. Nebraska-Iowa Chapter

IV. Western Regional
   1. California Inland Chapter
Deseret Chapter
   3. Grand Canyon Chapter
   4. Northwest Chapter (Washington/Oregon)
   5. Southern California

 V. International HET Clubs
1. Hudson-AMC Club - Australia
   2. New Zealand HET Club
   3. Sweden

Miscelleaneous Links:
1. Roth, Frederick. J. - Hudson Italia article
2  Hudson, Essex & Terraplane Photo Album
3.  HET Club Chat Page
4. 1929 Essex Boat-tail restoration photos


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