August 22, 2010

Bangladesh announces USD 2 million for Pakistan flood victims

Updated on Wednesday, August 18, 2010, 23:41
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Dhaka: Bangladesh on Wednesday announced USD 2 million humanitarian aid for flood relief work in Pakistan which has affected an estimated 20 million people.

"Bangladesh announces this commitment as an expression of solidarity with the people of Pakistan," the foreign office said.

Bangladesh would also send a medical team to Pakistan while relief assistance would include tents, blankets, water purification tablets, mineral waters, life saving drugs and vaccines, oral saline, hygiene kit, biscuits and packed dry food, it said in a statement.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had earlier in a statement expressed her deep sympathy to the Pakistani government and people on this human tragedy.

United Nations' aid coordination body said that more than 650,000 homeless families were still without basic shelter while the floods and torrential rains in some parts of Pakistan have claimed more than 1,600 people.

Bangladesh, formerly the eastern wing of Pakistan, emerged as an independent nation after nine months of Liberation War crucially backed by India in 1971.

Dhaka-Islamabad relations still remained sensitive as issues like sharing of assets and repatriation of thousands of Urdu-speaking stranded Pakistanis are yet to be settled.


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were the last two paragraphs really necessary? i mean yes relations still aren`t perfect, but it`s a somewhat moot point given that the focus should be on the crisis and the bangladeshi government`s response to it.
Atif Choudhury - Vanderbilt University
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