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This section is for all the other manga either we don't own or don't have much information on. If you know anything about these series, or any not listed, please let us know!

Dragon Quest: The Heaven Saga

This series running with GagOH! Comics follows the adventures of Ten and Sora. They're the children of the Hero and Bianca from Dragon Quest V. It also features Sancho and all the various monsters that were collected along the way. I'll have more information on this series as soon and I find some copies. For now, check out some pictures.

Vol. 1 Cover Vol. 2 Cover Sora and Ten Sora & Ten 2
Sexy Sancho      


Special thanks to "LS" for the scans.

Slime Great Tactics

That's the literal translation for this series that appears every month in V-Jump magazine. It follows the adventures of many different Slimes of all the different Slime villages, similar to the Slime Morimori games.



Vol. 1 Cover Vol. 2 Cover Vol. 2 Sample Page  



Special thanks to The Slime Shrine for some of these images.

Dragon Quest Monsters

After Terry's adventure in the kingdom of Taiju, it's time for a new hero to venture forth to capture, train, and defeat monsters. Great art with an all new story makes this manga one to check out!



Vol. 1 Cover Vol. 2 Cover    


Special thanks to The Slime Shrine for some of these images.

The Making of Dragon Quest

This old and interesting manga chronicles the story of Yuji Horii, how he created the game, and his adventures at Enix. It's mostly comedy but is an interesting read. Learn more about this little manga at TSR's NES Archive.


Sugi and Tori Arrive Horii Dreams of DQ Design Delivery  



Dragon Quest: Princess Alena

This five volume series follows the adventures of everyone's favorite DQ IV princess. It follows the basic storyline of Chapter 2 with a few added elements. It tosses in a couple new enemies and a few new sub plots.



Vol. 1 Cover Vol. 1 Back    


Special thanks to The Slime Shrine for some of these images.

Dragon Quest: Monster Story

Not exactly manga, but a collection of short stories about a few popular DQ monsters. It's text heavy with average art, but it provides some interesting insight on the characters behind the pixels.



Plethora of Bomb Rocks Golem vs. Stonemen    


Dragon Quest: Legend in the Dark

These books geared towards children are various illustrated short stories about every nook and cranny of the DQ universe. Some are specific to each game. Some are about our favorite heroes. Some are about the inhabitants of the various castles and villages. Some are even about items and monsters.


Dream Ruby Discovery Princess Tita drunk with monsters! Kandar's Story Part of a DQ Romance
DQ II Heroes Rubiss & Ramia A Boy & his Golem A Boy & his Golem again!
DQ IV Cover DQ IV Interior Art Saro's Knight Saro
Hoimin as a Human      







Special thanks to Chrissy Rose for the images and info.

Dragon Quest... ?

The title for this series was hard for me to translate. The first character had a very strange variation on the "u" katakana character and the last character was a kanji I can't seem to find. Anyway, this series seems to feature normal, everyday kids with Dragon Quest monsters. There are three volumes so far. Here's a pic


Other Manga

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