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Update - 23 Apr 1999: Thank you to everyone (and there have been a LOT of you) who let me know about Fraggle Rock being back on TV on the Odyssey cable network. Check your listings, folks! Enjoy!
Update - 11 Nov 1997: As you may have noticed, this web site hasn't changed much in the past year. Like so many other web authors, updating my pages has dropped in my list of priorities. I'm working on living in the "real world" for awhile, learning the art of puppet-building, making new friends, and deciding what I want to be when I grow up. Thank you to everyone who's sent me information, encouragement, and praise. I'm glad that I got to share my love of the Muppets and Fraggle Rock with all of you and that I can keep on doing it even though this site has become static. Maybe I'll come back to this, maybe not. Either way, it's been fun. Take care! - Chris

Welcome to my Fraggle Rock page! Although I like almost everything the Muppets have done, Fraggle Rock will always be my favorite. The characters, the humor, the music and the richness of the world they created for it have held my imagination and interest for many years. You'll find lots of stuff here, including the episode guide I've been working on for the past few years. More is coming, so please come back often!

Many people have helped me with these Web pages and the information they contain. Special thanks to Karen Prell and her Encyclopedia Fragglia and to Jerry Juhl for providing it. For more details and a (nearly) complete list of acknowledgements, see the Thanks and Acknowledgements page.

Would you like to help with this page? I would love to hear from you if you were involved in the production of Fraggle Rock or if you have information on any of the non-North American versions of Fraggle Rock, since I have relatively little information on them. I am also looking for the guitar tablatures to the Fraggle Rock theme, since I get asked for that often. Please write to me at Otherwise, I get an awful lot of e-mail, and I haven't been very good at timely responses, so you've been forewarned. :-) Also, PLEASE read the answers to Frequently Asked Questions below before you write to me. I like e-mail, but answering the same questions over and over again is really getting tedious. Ok, enough grouchiness. Thank you!

Answers to Fraggle Rock Frequently Asked Questions

IMPORTANT! The Muppets, Fraggle Rock, all related images and all character, program, place, etc. names are copyright Jim Henson Productions (JHP). I'm sure it's obvious, but I'm not an employee of JHP nor do I represent them. I'm just a fan.

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