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What is this?
If you're an artist or are in a band, BBC Introducing invites you to upload your music, so that it can be considered for airplay on BBC radio shows all over the UK. We launched the Upload Your Music section of the BBC Introducing site in February 2009.

What are the Terms and Conditions?
Please see the BBC User Generated Content FAQ. This covers all material submitted to the BBC, including audio. The full BBC Online Terms and Conditions are available here.

When I submit music to you, does that mean you own it?
No. When you agree to the Terms and Conditions and upload music to us, you aren't signing over any ownership rights.

Do I have to live in the UK?
Yes. You can only upload music to BBC Introducing if you're based in the UK. You'll need to enter a valid UK postcode, so that we can work out which Introducing radio show is closest to you.

If you're based outside the UK and still want your music to be heard by the BBC, you can of course send a demo CD to your chosen programme or DJ, or email them a link to a site where they can hear your tunes. You should find the relevant contact details on the radio station or programme's web pages.

How do I use this system?
When you first use this system, you need to go through the following steps:

1. Sign In or register a membership account with BBC iD
2. Click the "Create Artist Profile" link on the right hand side of the page, and enter your artist/band info

Once this is set up, you will not need to do this again. From then on, you can simply log in and follow the Upload A Track link on the right hand side of the page. You can update your artist/band details whenever you like by logging in and selecting "Your Artist Profile".

Why do I need to register?
We need to store certain details about you as an artist, such as your name, location and email address. The system stores this information so that you don't have to repeatedly re-send it when you upload more tracks. Registering also helps us to keep in touch with you about how your music is progressing once we receive it.

BBC Online has a registration system called BBC iD that everyone who makes sites on can tap into. It lives on a different server, which is why it looks slightly different.

I forgot my login details - can you help?
If you can't remember the username or password which you set up to log into your BBC iD membership, please read this advice.

Can I upload a cover or remix?
No. We can only consider original material for airplay on BBC Introducing shows or podcasts, so please don't upload covers or remixes of songs written by someone else.

Can I upload songs which feature swearing?
While you can upload tracks with swearing or adult content, it makes it tricky for our radio shows to play the tracks on air without first having to edit them. So, if you have clean radio edits that you can upload instead, please do.

Is there a limit to the size of file I can upload?
Yes - each MP3 file you upload must be less than 15MB in size. There is currently a BBC-wide limit to the amount of data that can be uploaded by each user, each time. We realise that 15MB can be restrictive for longer tracks and hope to change this in the near future.

In what format should I upload music?
Please upload your music in MP3 format only. Any other formats will be rejected. Remember, your music may end up being played on a BBC radio show, so try to send the highest quality MP3s you can.

The bit rate of your tracks should be 192kbps or higher (ideally, 320kbps, but there is a 15MB file size limit per track, so this may not always be possible for longer songs - we are working on this!)

Why can I only upload 3 tracks per month?
The 3 tracks per month limit is designed to keep things fair for everyone, and to make sure that BBC producers aren't overloaded with more music than they can listen to. We reckon most bands/artists know which three of their tracks are the best, and those are the tracks we want you to send us. Think of it like a virtual demo tape. Remember, you don't have to upload three at once; you can split your tracks over the 30 days, if you like.

What happens when I submit my music?
Once the upload process is complete, you'll receive a confirmation email. Using the postcode you give us when you register, we automatically notify your local BBC Introducing show whenever you upload a track. If there isn't a show based in your home town, don't worry; we'll notify the show closest to you, based on your postcode.

We also notify the national radio programme that you choose to target (currently you can choose between Tom Robinson on 6 Music, Friction on Asian Network, Ras Kwame on 1Xtra and The Verb on Radio 3). At the moment, you cannot choose to notify Radio 1 about your music when you upload tracks. This allows us to filter songs upwards through our family of shows via recommendations between DJs, and not bombard the team at Radio 1 with every track in the whole country. When your music gets played on your local BBC Introducing show, Radio 1 will automatically receive a notification.

Please note: music uploaded will not be sent to BBC Wales's Adam Walton. If you're based in Wales, your music will be sent to Bethan Elfyn and her Radio 1 production team. You can find out how to send music to Adam here.

Who will listen to the music I upload?
Presenters, producers and assistants working on our local and national radio shows around the country all have access to listen to the music you upload via a system at our end.

Your tracks are most likely to be listened to first by someone working on your local BBC Introducing show or the national programme you chose to target when you registered. As soon as this happens, we'll send you an email to let you know.

We also have a special team of music-loving staff which who have volunteered from around the BBC to help listen to the tracks uploaded every week. Members of this panel don't work directly on a show, but it's their job to spot the very best tunes and flag them up immediately to radio show teams for airplay consideration. The decision to broadcast your song still rests with show teams. If your track is listened to first by a member of this panel, we'll let you know via email.

Will I be told if my music is played on air?
Yes. If a show team decides they're going to play a song of yours, or already have, you should receive an email. You can expect an email if:

- Your music is listened to
- We discover there's a technical problem with your track
- You uploaded a song that is an exact duplicate of one we've already got
- Your music is broadcast on any BBC Introducing radio show
- A producer wants to get in touch to find out more about you

I've not received a response, is that a bad sign?
No, not at all. If you uploaded tracks to us a while ago and haven't received a an email from a BBC Introducing show to say that someone has been listened to or broadcast, don't lose heart; because of the vast amount of music we get sent every day, sometimes it can take a while before a DJ or producer listens to your track. Don't worry, your music won't 'expire', it will be stored in the system at our end so that BBC Introducing teams can listen to it in due course.

I uploaded the wrong thing - can I edit or delete my tracks?
Unfortunately, not at the moment, but we're working on adding this at a later date. For this reason, please verify that you are submitting the correct MP3 when uploading, and check the spelling of your track title carefully. Remember, you can only upload three tracks in any 30 day period and a duplicated track will count as two.

Check what you're uploading carefully, and don't hit refresh or F5 during the upload process. If you aren't sure whether an upload was successful for whatever reason, it's best to wait and see if you receive a confirmation email, rather than uploading the track again.

If you aren't sure whether or not your song was uploaded successfuly, or you urgently need us to delete a track from our system, please contact us using the webform.

Will I be featured on the BBC Introducing website?
No, not at first. The uploader is merely intended as a quick and simple way to get your music to the right people at the BBC for airplay consideration. Hence, uploading music does not automatically create for you a public profile page or guarantee you exposure on the BBC Introducing website.

The bands featured in the artists section of this site are those we've filmed performing on the BBC Introducing festival stage or recording a session at Maida Vale in recent years. These bands are chosen by radio show producers and presenters, so by uploading tunes to them via this site, you're giving yourself the best chance of being heard and considered for one of these slots.

Artist pages on the wider BBC Music website are driven by an open source database named MusicBrainz. If you or your band exist in MusicBrainz and you are played on the BBC, you'll automatically end up with a BBC Music artist page. Want to find out more? Read Tom Robinson's handy guide to how MusicBrainz works

How are bands selected to play on the BBC Introducing stage at festivals?
The BBC Introducing Stages at festivals throughout the UK are there to give aspiring new bands and artists the opportunity to play at some of the biggest festivals in the UK and sometimes internationally!

Not only might you get the opportunity to play the festival but we also aim to record and film your set for broadcast across BBC Radio, online and TV.

The line-ups are chosen via suggestions from all the BBC Introducing shows across the BBC. These suggestions represent who they see as the hottest artists from their patch at that time and is normally representative of the tracks they are playing on their show, some of which are submissions that have been uploaded via this site. So if you haven't already uploaded your tracks to BBC Introducing, do it now!. We treat each stage individually, so producers and presenters can tailor their suggestions depending on the festival.

We then get a panel to listen to all the suggestions and decide upon the final line up. These vary from festival to festival but previous panel members include: Huw Stephens, Steve Lamacq, Ras Kwame, Emily Eavis, Gary Lightbody, Head of Music at Radio 1, Head of BBC Introducing. They all listen and send us their top rated and from this we get our final line up. At some events, we also take suggestions for bands from the festival promoters and local organisations.

So if you do make a stage you can see that before even playing you have hit the radar of some pretty big names in the industry.

How do I get in touch with BBC Introducing?
You can contact the producers of this website and the uploader tool with comments, suggestions or queries by using this form. We can't respond to every single email, but we guarantee your message will be read.

If you are looking for feedback on your songs, you should get in touch with your local BBC Introducing radio show team. You'll find a link to their site on our shows page. There you should find a contact form or email address. Alternatively, for shows in England, you can use this contact form to send your query to the your local BBC radio team.

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